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Holiday Haven: 6th Street Design School

I have a soft spot in my heart for Kirsten from 6th Street Design School. First off, I found her blog way back when I first discovered the blog world and I was smitten. Kirsten has an excellent eye for color and design. I am always head over heels for the prints she uses. She also manages to round up fantastic Etsy finds {saves me a ton of time!} and I found two amazing people from her blog. I discovered not only Jenna from q.a. design {she designed my blog and I love her!}, but also Jylare from jylare ann photography who blessed my family by capturing some really special moments. All in all, Kirsten rocks. Here is what she has to say about her holiday haven.

6th Street Design School

My holiday haven is my Living Room! The reason is because this is where  my wonderful little tree resides. I love love love getting cozy on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and staring at the twinkling lights of my Christmas Tree. We also have an antique train that runs around the tree. I love watching it and thinking of all the memories that we are going to have as our kids grow up.

IMG_2076 (1)

I like to get started early! That is the biggest tip I can give. I make sure I have my family pictures taken in the summer, Christmas cards ordered by the middle of Nov. and as many presents ready to go as possible. This way I can actually enjoy the Holidays!


Thanks, Kirsten. Don’t you just love the curtains. I am gaga over that Ikat print.

And because it’s Friday, I must leave you with a little bit of Eye Candy. . .

Taking a break from the Christmas d├ęcor to show you Lynn Bay Dayton’s Boston home which has recently been remodeled. It’s just gorgeous. I chose this home because the drapery panels used in the photos below remind me of Kirsten.


                          Well these beige drapes don’t remind me of Kirsten, but the rug and pops of color do!!!


                                                               { images via traditional home }

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Excited to introduce you to a couple of new bloggers I recently found.  They have been kind enough to take part in our Holiday Haven series and will be guest posting this weekend.  Enjoy your day, everyone!


  1. I just love her little tree! So sweet (:

  2. Love Kirsten's blog too. Her tree is beautiful and I love the train. My grandparents always had a Lionel train that ran under their tree. Her drapes are gorgeous!

  3. Um I want those drapes in Kirsten's living room, seriously! Those are GORgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My parents have a vintage train around there tree, so fun! I'm always scared my boys are going to wreck havic on it though LOL


  4. The train is so great! I love the fabric of the pink drapes in that last image!

  5. What a great series. I love her curtains also! And the last few pictures are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love Kristen, Love Jenna, Love that house, Love you!

  7. Her whole room is amazing. The tree looks like it has icicles dropping off of it, love love love!

  8. great post -- great bloggers!
    happy weekend sweets!

  9. Your entire blog is pure eye candy!!! I love it.

  10. That is such great advice Kristen and every year I wish I had started earlier. Thanks for the eye candy Courtney & have a wonderful weekend.


  11. I her train around the tree, so cute!


  12. The train around the tree is so cool! Kirsten has such great style. I love her drapes too- and the awesome ones in your eye candy photos!

  13. p.s. I'm wondering if Kirsten's drapes would look good in my living room????

  14. What a great house! I love her drapes too- and the awesome ones in your eye candy photos! I Love this link ... seriously gorgeous! Good luck.
    interior decorator mississauga


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