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Outdoor Style

I absolutely love this time of year because of all the time spent outdoors. I love how casual get togethers happen more frequently and how the kids are always running around outside {which in mommy speak = super tired and ready for bed!}. I took a stroll through World Market this weekend and was so inspired by all of the vibrant outdoor designs. Here is a peak at what they are showing right now.

Gauguin Garden Striped Indoor-Outdoor Rio Mat | World Market

Rio Mat: $39.99

Summer Goddess Party Tub Collection | World Market

Summer Goddess Party Tub $19.99

Goddess Yellow/Gray Cork Placemats, Set of 2 | World Market

Goddess Placemats 2 for $9.99

Yellow Summer Breeze Appetizer Plates, Set of 4 | World Market

Yellow Summer Breeze Appetizer Plates 4 for $7.98


I am a huge fan of these appetizer plates. They come in a vibrant blue as well and I think a set would make a great end of the year teacher gift or hostess gift {especially for a summer bbq}. Can’t be the price.

Have a great day.


  1. Ooh so much to love:)
    I love the mat and the party tub!!! So cute:)
    Here's to summer!!!!!

  2. Okay, I taught for 8 years, and I never got an awesome gift like those plates! haha--Speaking for the teachers out there--GREAT idea! :) I am loving the rug in the first photo and and goddess placemats.
    This is also by far--my favorite time of the year.

  3. Beautiful outdoor decor!!! Makes me want to go outside right now:)

  4. Love the colors and our door furniture is so fun. The yellow is awesome. I can't wait to actually sit outside in the sunshine soon. AND I can't wait to see you in July (: I'm in the process of convincing Michelle to get her booty on a plane, too. It's working so far (:

  5. I love that outdoor rug! And not expensive at all!

    Lindsey Turner

  6. Love the beverage tub and it is a LOT less expensive than the one I have from Ballards. Pretty fun outdoor spaces!

  7. Amen to the tired kiddos :) Love these fun patterns and colors!

  8. We love to eat breakfast on the weekends and dinners outside during this time of the year. I love the bright colors of these outdoor designs. Those appetizer plates would make a great hostess gift, too! Happy Monday, Courtney!

  9. Ooooo...great recommendation!!! Those blues and yellows are amazing! Those trays are awesome for pretty much *everything*...(c:

  10. love the yellow/grey they're doing. And they keep sending me coupons aaah!

  11. You dream...8000 people in big government tying AEGEAN!
    with ROVE!

  12. I just fell in love with the first set, I just adore the green/blue/white combination!

  13. Yellow. I love the yellow... its sunny but sophisticated.

  14. I love WM outdoor stuff...each year I want a whole new set! I stocked up end of last season and I'm psyched to pull them out soon. Great idea on the app plates as teacher gifts! I know where I'm heading this weekend!!

  15. Saw you on Our Fifth House. I am going to World Market tomorrow after work. Have a little party this weekend. Thanks.

  16. Ooh I see a couple of things I need :) Maybe World Market should be on my route today. Loving that elephant tray.

  17. $10 off coupon came in the paper yesterday...heading over after work for teacher gifts!!! clever girl!


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