A Thoughtful Place: August 2011


Taking Some Time


I am taking a couple of days off to spend time with family.

I hope all that have weathered the recent storm are finding comfort and peace.

You are in my prayers.

My Favorite Place: Over at Cottage & Vine

Thank you to sweet Rene from Cottage & Vine for inviting me to be a part of her fun series. You can check out what I consider to be my favorite spot in our home. I am sure you are already familiar with Rene and her fantastic talent and style, but here are some images that I love. She has become a dear friend.


Beautiful, right. Head on over to Cottage & Vine to read all about my favorite room in our house!


Pile Blindness: Fact or Fiction?

This is a test. What do you see in these photos?


If your answer is, “Nothing but brown shag carpet” {thank you, previous owners} then you are like my children and husband and suffer from Pile Blindness. I am very sorry. Or perhaps I should be quite envious.

If you saw hair clips, ice cream, coasters, a box, Dora, Thomas the Train Underwear, laundry, pretend money . . etc. then you are like me and suffer from Pure Frustration most days.

So I am here to discuss Pile Blindness and if it truly exists.  Because I am willing to bet that in homes across America millions of children and husbands don't see those piles. So is it real? And if so how do we cope with family members that are afflicted with such a thing.

To my most wonderful hubby who is a team player through and through . . please don't feel as though I am attacking you. I want to help you. I will search high and low for an optometrist that can outfit you with glasses so that you too can see these piles. I won't stop until you have perfect vision.

Until science and technology catch up with what we women all know to be true. . . Pile blindness exists, what is your method for coping? Please share with us the systems you have set in place. Do you have baskets? Do you have rules? Please help a 20/20 seeing sister out.


Friday Eye Candy: Falling for Mantels

Don’t worry. I am not ready for fall either. I am still enjoying the pool and beach. My children are not even back to school yet! But there is method to my madness. You see, I am a planner. I got lost in the Pinterest world perusing fall mantels. I used to change my mantel up more frequently, but now it’s pretty much just four or five times a year. So I like to know what I am doing for fall. Why? Because places like the dollar store and Target often offer super cute things that fly off the shelves. If I know I need leaves for my mantel design then I will hit up The Dollar Tree as soon as they start carrying them. So here are a few images {courtesy of PInterest} for you to enjoy. Maybe they will spark an idea or two for you to carry out once fall rolls around.










Have these sparked any fall inspiration for you? All so beautiful and born from so much talent and creativity. I am drawn to simple and classic so whatever I do, it will be simple with a touch of glamour. Enjoy your warm and sunny days until fall, and remember to snatch up those great buys when you see them. They go quickly!


happy weekend

sharing with Natasha over at Schue Love


Big Boy Room Progress & Dilemma

So the big boy room projects keep on coming! As you know, I posted here about my current to do list. I am smack dab in the middle of painting the white dresser. I sort of crashed and burned the first time around {using spray paint} but have quickly recovered. I think I even discovered a great method along the way. Here is what we started with


Attempt #1: Spray Paint

Because I am all about instant gratification, I thought I would whip out some lime green spray paint and call it a day. If I were really smart, I would have looked at one of Just a Girl’s fantastic paint tutorials, but alas I did not. So I trotted off to the store and bought the green apple spray paint. I lightly sanded the dresser and sprayed my little heart out.


The results were HORRENDOUS!

It’s hard to tell in the photos but the paint looked spotted and shiny in some spots. Bottom line, it wasn’t going to fly. {I LOVE the color but it isn’t showing up very well in these photos}.

Attempt #2: A Quart of Paint

So it was off to the store again for some more paint. I decided to have them color match the Green Apple spray paint. I bought a quart and a sponge roller and headed back home to try again.



What a HUGE DIFFERENCE! The sponge roller { one of Just a Girl’s favorite tips} worked perfectly! The end result is so smooth and gorgeous. I am not going to win any paint awards with this paint job, but overall it is really looking good. So I am actually really loving the process of spray painting first {so fast and easy} as a base coat and then rolling one coat of paint on top. It was dreamy and so quick.



My Big Dilemma

My issue now is whether or not to paint the drawers. I have seen painted dressers both ways all over blog land. I like them both. I love a great two-toned piece, but there is also something very satisfying about a whole piece of color. Here are a few example of each.



via Hi Sugarplum




via Emily A. Clark

Tough one, right? Don’t you think both styles are cute. Care to weigh in? Please vote for your favorite:


Option #1: Leave the drawers white

Option #2: Paint the drawers green

Option #3: Some type of green detail on the drawers

Let me know what you would do. I want to get this baby finished!


Prepping for School Days!

I know many families have already taken the plunge back to school while others are still hanging on to summer days. We do not go back for another three weeks, but I have already started gathering supplies and thinking about structuring our school year. Summer has been such a relaxed and wonderful time so taken on a schedule will be quite the adjustment! As a former fifth grade teacher, this time of year brings back such fantastic memories of getting my classroom ready. Now, instead of a classroom, I will be getting our home ready for school. I will share much of what we do over the next couple of weeks. Today, I wanted to share with you the darling Back to School Cupcake Kit that is floating around. Adorable. Wouldn’t take much to whip up some cupcakes and create a special dessert for your children {or even the neighbors for a nice back to school treat}

School Days Cupcake Kit

This darling kit was spotted over at Cupcakes & Swirls.

Go Check Out My Guest Post

I also think it is very nice to think of the teachers on the first day. I know first hand just how much love and work goes into prepping for the beginning of school. A small token of appreciation and a hand written note will go a long way. Head on over to Courtney’s blog {Courtney Out Loud} to see a couple of ways that you can thank the teachers for a great first day back to school. { And if all else fails . . . you can never go wrong with a $5 Starbucks card! Just sayin!}.

Courtney is one stylish blogger who I had the pleasure of meeting in San Francisco. He is running a great series this week about getting ready for the school year. You’ll definitely want to check out all the posts.


Have a great day, everyone!


From Napkins to Pillows: Great Finds

I can’t take it anymore! I have stumbled upon some great finds recently and there isn’t a spot in my house for any of them. I am hoping some of you will go snatch them up. World Market is now selling darling coordinating napkins in sets of four. They are only $15. You could easily back them with white an create a set of awesome pillows.


I sat and held these up for about ten minutes before realizing they don’t go in my home. The screen doesn’t quite do them justice. Beautiful prints!

Bento Bar Assorted Napkins, Sets of 4 | World Market

Bento Bar Assorted Napkins, Sets of 4 | World Market

Also crushing on these napkins. They come in a yummy gold and red as well. Only $4 for one so also a very inexpensive way to create some fun and bold pillows.

Indigo Ikat Dot Napkins, Set of 4 | World MarketYellow Ikat Dot Napkins, Set of 4 | World Market

Here is another set that is too cute to pass up. In a vintage inspired girl’s room these would be adorable.

Green & Pink Block Print Napkins, Set of 4 | World Market

And here is one more set of coordinating napkins.  You can’t beat $15!

Brown, Mauve & Teal Printed Napkins, Set of 4 | World Market

Am I the last one to know about these cute coordinating sets? What about you? Inspired to make pillows?


Friday Eye Candy: Peace and Quiet

I am taking a respite from design inspiration today and simply showing you some beautiful, peaceful images. I think we all need a little quiet in our lives. Enjoy.









enjoy the weekend with your families.


Summer Centerpiece {Willow House Love}

About a month or so ago, my friend Jenn from Green Door Designs posted about a sale over at Willow House. I am not one to pass up a great sale so I jumped right in! I am so happy I did. I picked up a couple of great pieces that I used yesterday. A dear friend of mine came for a visit with her two month old baby boy. It’s her first baby and I wanted her to feel relaxed and at home. I made a simple summer salad {forgot the photos of course!} and just enjoyed getting to know baby Matteo. I love the look of fresh flowers and stacking the rose bowl atop the pedestal {villa petite pedestal} makes for a pretty centerpiece that isn’t too tall.



Do any of you already have this piece? I love it. I keep it on my kitchen counter and use it at least twice a week. On Tuesday nights I fill it with taco toppings. For this I just popped in some crackers, cookies, and almonds to munch on before lunch was ready. I had planned to snap some photos but the doorbell rang and the photo shoot was over. I had a new baby to cuddle!


And after a close friend has a baby, I like to give the mommy a gift rather than the little one. Let’s face it. Between the baby showers and post baby gifts, the little one has everything they could possibly need and more. So I like to give the new mommy a pretty bracelet or necklace. There are so many fun trendy pieces that don’t break the bank and let the new mom feel special.  A take out box is a fun way to wrap it up. {I used Microsoft Publisher to create the personalized tag}.


I think it hit me that today might be one of the last days I create a summer table before we start turning to fall! Can you believe it? Where has the summer gone? And to Jenn, thanks for the fun Willow House finds. I love them! Do you have any favorite serving pieces that you use often?

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