A Thoughtful Place: Valentine Inspired Crafts: Wreath & Letter


Valentine Inspired Crafts: Wreath & Letter

I was suddenly feeling pretty crafty and wanted to create something to use during February. I also wanted a couple of things I could used throughout the year and didn’t scream, “VALENTINE’S DAY!” By now you know I like quick and simple crafts! I started putting together a Valentine inspired mantel and realized that the “F” we have was looking out of place. Simple fix. . . white cardstock + the glue gun! Made me realize that I can easily switch up our initial for any holiday. Here is what I came up with:

……………………….. initial love


I also love that this quick fix didn’t cost a dime. Here is what it looks like normally:





All I did was trace the “F” onto thick cardstock. Then I took one of my flowers {that normally gets pinned to a sweater or tucked in my hair} and clipped it to the paper. A little bit of glue gun action and the letter is looking a bit more feminine for our Valentine mantel.



……………………. yarn wreath

For my second craft, I was completely inspired by Emily {Décor Chick} and her fantastic yarn wreath. I know that there are many versions floating around and I fell in love with the pink and white stripes. Too cute.

So I scooted off to Michael’s to pick up yarn, a foam wreath and these cute papers flowers from the dollar section.


I gave the wreath a quick spray of white paint just in case you could see the green in spots.


Then I plopped down on the couch and wrapped yarn around this darn wreath for an hour and a half. So it took a bit longer than I thought it would. I watched Giada, The Barefoot Contessa, and an episode of House Hunters. Yikes. But in the end, it was worth it. I like that I can use if for the mother daughter tea I host or for Riley’s birthday. Might even hang it in her room {I think Emily gave me that idea as well!}  I added one extra flower that I had picked up a while back.


Oh, and that gold chevron pillow is from Target. They carry it in aqua and pale pink as well. I will be back next week with how these little numbers work their way into our Valentine mantel!


And thank you to Emily Clark for inviting me to share one of my favorite DIY projects on her blog. She has a great new series titled, “Send Me a Picture” that you won’t want to miss!Emily A. Clark

And hop on over to Vanessa’s wonderful blog, décor happy, for a fantastic series she is running on getting organized. I am soaking up each and every tip.


happy weekend



  1. Loving the yarn wreath... I'm going to put my little girl on that one this weekend! :)

  2. So super pretty & clever, i have some wreath forms left over from handmade Christmas decorations, should put them to non Christmassy use!! Love Posie

  3. Hello! I hope its ok that I write about the livingroom transf yesterday! What a transformation! Beautiful! But have a proposal that will take the room to the very top! Hang white linen liftcurtains at the same height as the curtain rod in all windows, including the window without curtains. Let the liftcurtain stop where the window begins. The typical bungalow windows will look as large Scandinavian windows. It trick eye to see the window larger than it is,without losing the airy feel in the room. Sincerely, Norway / Helene

  4. Great projects. The wreath is too sweet.

  5. I need to make one of those yarn wreaths. They are just too cute! Love that you'll be able to use this one for lots of different things!

  6. I love the embellishment on the letter and the wreath is so cute, but not overly hearts and kisses!

  7. Such cute projects!! Love them both!! xo

  8. I (heart) them both! What great Valentine crafts!

  9. What cute Valentines decorations! So sweet!


  10. Love it girl!! Yarn wreaths are the best. :) Thanks for the linky love too! xxoo

  11. Both great and fun projects! Love the pretty in pink yarn wreath. Maybe that will be on my agenda for Sunday night in front of the TV! Have a nice weekend, Courtney.

  12. loving the yarn wreathe so much. make me one pretty please :)


  13. So cute!! Love those stripes...I feel your pain on the yarn wrapping!

  14. Stayed in Friday night and made me a wreath like yours! LOVE it! Thanks so much for the idea!

  15. Thanks so much for participating in my Organizing Guest Post series! Love the wreath!

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