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Friday Eye Candy: Glam + Fearless

So we still have a little one under the weather so we will be chillin’ at home for the weekend. Not a bad idea since I have projects piling up on me! I am hoping to show you a couple next week. In the meantime, here is some tasty eye candy to kick off the long weekend. Enjoy courtesy of Traditional Home.

Oh, that antique coffee table and those pretty chairs. They make the room

This close up shot makes me smile. So gorgeous.

I love the bold rug with the graphic fabric. Great mix of dark and light.

What’s not to love? I could easily sip my morning coffee at this table! Could you?

Do you notice how each room gets even better. My husband would kill me if I started spraying things gold in our room. I am tempted though!

And then there is the front . . .enough said.

Interior Designer: Colette van den Thillart

See the full piece from Traditional Home here.


  1. Wow - wish I lived here! Those chairs in the first pic are amazing!

  2. Very pretty. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon. Happy Weekend!

  3. Love the pics!


  4. What a gorgeous home! I too am tempted to start spraying things gold around here...

  5. Gorgeous! I love the exterior... it's so beautiful! That view past the lovely ikat curtains is pretty easy on the eyes too! Beautiful home!

  6. gorge pics! love that kitchen. Sorry to hear your little one is still sick-its always so hard when the little ones are ill. Hope you get lots of projects done this weekend!

  7. Beautiful home, especially the kitchen! Hope you're little one is feeling better soon!!! xoxo!

  8. Beautiful photos -- I like me some eye candy! Hope your little guy feels better soon!

  9. Wow! This house is so beautiful. Love it!

  10. Gorgeous interior! Totally swooning over the whole house!! :)

  11. Holy cow. Yes....I love the bold print rug in the kitchen. And I could definitely drink my coffee (and read blogs) at that table every morning. The outside is ridiculous. A girl can dream. :)

  12. This is pretty much perfection in my book...that master is gorgeous...and how is the little one doing? Hopefully better...you probably both need a break! (c:

  13. It's so pretty. I loooove that gigantic light fixture over the table! Hope you will all be feeling better soon!


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