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Bake Shoppe Party

We celebrated our daughter’s sixth birthday with a Bake Shoppe party. The inspiration had originally come from my friend, Candace. She had seen a Cake Boss Party done here. There was so much inspiration to draw from. The girls {and our son!} had a wonderful time. I have to say that I am a huge fan of keeping a party small. It was so manageable and allowed us to really enjoy the day with Riley






……….the bake shoppe










……….making their hats

When the girls first came in, I had them join me on the floor for their first craft. I had ordered chef hats from here. Their names were done with stickers. Tutorial on flowers coming soon.



……creating place mats

Once the bakers had their hats, they went to the table to decorate their own placemats. A combination of cupcakes, ladybugs, and flowers created a fun place for them to eat their snacks. I used foam placemats found at Michaels.




……………… snack totes

I used tote bags pre-filled with snacks for the party goers. I figured it would be easier than filling plates from a buffet. The bags included fruit kabobs, yogurt, blueberry and lemon poppy seed muffins, and a pink dipped cookie. Their milk was served in small mason jars with striped straws. It was a morning party, so I tried to keep the food breakfast-like. The mommies snacked on a strawberry wagon wheel, muffins, and freshly brewed coffee.







…. …...cake decorating

After their tummies were full, it was time to get to the cake decorating! I loved seeing their eyes light up when we placed the white cakes in front of them! The cake stands were made from white Melamine plates from Target and candlesticks. I spray painted the candlesticks lime green before adhering them to the cake plates. Two coats of paint did the trick.


I used the new Duncan Hines Frosting Creations and I was a HUGE fan {not sponsored to say that!}. I could have used far less, however. We used pale pink, violet, light blue, and mint green. I used zip lock bags and simply snipped a hole in one corner so the bakers could squeeze out the icing. They also had an assortment of pastel decorations to choose from.




I was beyond impressed with the focus of these kiddos. They took their jobs very seriously and really created beautiful cakes.





………….. cake toppers

Once they were happy with their masterpiece, I added a cake topper made from two striped straws and their names.





I especially love the pile of blue frosting on my son’s cake! Makes me giggle.



Nothing like watching the shy eyes of your daughter as her friends sing happy birthday. So sweet.


………. take home treats

When it was time to say good-bye to our guests, they went home with this tote bag filled with their hats, aprons, and placemats. I also boxed up their cakes so they could easily take them home to enjoy with their families.



Thank you so much to Passion for Parties for such great ideas. Riley told us it was her favorite party ever and she even made a mosaic of a cupcake to put in her room so she would remember the day forever {her words!}. Oh, and a special thank you to Grandma Sue for the cake dress worn by Riley and her American Girl doll. Could not have been more fitting.

………..the birthday girl



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Cake Boss Party Inspiration: Passion for Parties

aprons & hats: KNG.com

polka dot tablecloth: HomeGoods

mini cakes: Albertsons

all printables: DIY using Microsoft Publisher

cake stands: DIY Tutorial – Passions for Parties

stickers & mason jars: Michaels

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  1. wow! this is really nice=) from the cakes to the place mats, everything looks really perfect


  2. You did a spectacular job, Courtney! Everything was just perfect for a 6-year old party girl. I love Grady's cake too - can't tell he loves BLUE, can you. :)

    Grandma Sue

    PS Over here in PA, we're preparing for a spring snow storm!

  3. Absolutely adorable!!! What a great idea,and I love all of the thoughtful details!

  4. Absolutely PRESH!! I want a party like this for my 48th!!

  5. such a brilliant concept - these are all gorgeous masterpieces!

  6. Awww. how sweet, Courtney! Looks like such a special birthday. I love all the details. Placing the little cake candies in coffee filters was a great idea! All of the touches were so thoughtful. :)

  7. What an adorable party! Every detail was very well thought out, and the colors are so cute and girly, of course. What a fantastic job. ;)


  8. Oh my gosh courtney---this party is so pretty and you nailed every little detail. I bet they had a fantastic time. Great job.

  9. How adorable! I LOVE the idea of decorating mini cakes to take home! FABULOUS!!!!

  10. How fun is this?!?! 6, such a wonderful age and those cakes, adorable!! You rock, ms. mom!

  11. Seriously, C?!!?! Stop with the cuteness. This is so pretty and fun. She clearly adored it. I love that the cake was basically the kids' favors, as they were able to take them home! Perfect in every way.

  12. impressive for having this post up already!!

  13. So fun! I'm loving all of the colorful decor!

  14. Seriously, I think this is the cutest party I've ever seen!!

  15. Such a cute party! Those mini cakes are awesome - they did a great job too! I may have to steal this idea in about 8 years :)

  16. That is literally the cutest birthday party I've ever seen. You need to throw "event planner extrodinaire" into your hat... you are SO talented, Court!!!

  17. I absolutely need to do this for Shannon. What an adorable party for Riley! Great job, Court. You are one talented and crafty mama!! And I love that Riley was so appreciative and loved her party. So cute. xxxxoxo

  18. It could not have been more perfect. Everything look spectacular.....simply everything. Grady looks do intense. I wish I could have been there.

  19. Thank you for your sweet comments. If you have a little girl. . . it really is a fun party to throw. And Carrie, Shannon would LOVE it.

  20. Aw, that is SO cute! We tend to throw big parties (lots of guests), but as they get older and more interative with other kids I'll definitely keep this suggestion in mind.

  21. My eyes are on that pile of blue frosting too - YUM! What a darling party Courtney and a fun memory for your daughter. Your kids are adorable!

  22. Such a cute party idea! I would pay you to do my kids' parties. I'm terrible at it. Pinning this one :)

  23. That is absolutely the *CUTEST* thing! I had never thought of cake decorating as such a fun party activity...they look like they had a blast! She is so darn adorable, too! Happy Birthday, Miss Riley! And those chef hats and aprons take the cake (get it? Hehehe!)

  24. SUCH an adorable theme for a birthday party! Love the mini cakes and how you had them decorate them with the little cake toppers! So many great details. And I thought the small party definitely made it more special for Riley!! xo

  25. Absolutely the cutest little girl party I have ever seen! Every detail is perfect! Happy birthday, Riley. :)

  26. this turned out adorable what a great party

  27. Courtney, you are amazing. Best mom award for this sweet party!

  28. Oh. My. Goodness. Sooo adorable!! My 6 year old was sitting next to me when I pulled your post up and said she wanted her party to be just like it! The mini cakes are just awesome - were they a lot? I don't think I'd want the task of making them all myself! And those cake toppers?? Genius! I actually have some of those striped straws left over from my girls' "Picnic in the Garden" party last summer (http://joshandmalissa.blogspot.com/2011/09/picnic-in-garden-party) so we might just have to copy you! Seriously such a great job... it looks straight out of a magazine!

  29. Oh my goodness, what a fun party idea!! The cakes turned out great too! Your daughter is adorable.

  30. What a fun party! Every detail is amazing and Riley looks like she had a ball. She is smiling from ear to ear. I bet she will always remember turning 6 because you made it such a special day for her. I like the idea of just a small group, too. I also love how color coordinated Grady is. His name on his hat matches his shirt and also the icing he is using. Adorable!

  31. Wow! I love this is the cutest idea ever. Great job!

  32. I just love this idea! You have such a knack for pulling something together with class without making it look overdone! Looks like Riley and her friends (and Grady) had a great time! Such a sweet sweet party! (Pun intended!) ;)

  33. Oh girl - you totally rock! Wanna throw my girl's party? Seriously - I'll fly you out here! What a fun party - those cakes and the hats are priceless!

  34. I cannot get over how cute Riley is! She looks like she had the best time ever! You did a great job Courtney. How fun for the kids to get to decorate their own cakes?! I'm keeping this idea:)

  35. Everything turned out just beautiful...love the cake toppers and the adorable little cakes!

  36. What a fantastic party! I see quit a few Cake Bosses in the making!! Riley looked adorable, and the party decor was so creative. Great job!!

  37. This is by far one of the sweetest birthday parties I have ever seen. Do you think my three boys would let me get away with this? :) And my goodness girl, your daughter is one lovely lovely little honey!


  38. Precious party idea and so creative! It looks like the birthday girl and her friends had a wonderful time!

  39. wow! what a creative but still down to earth birthday party! thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  40. Everything turned out adorable. What font did you use for the invitations?

  41. ohmygosh -- her party turned out so adorable!!!! her shy face melts my heart...and yes, it's the same face and reaction as her twin!! ;) Great job, mama!!!

  42. This is just so adorable! I can't wait to try a party like this when my sweet baby Wells gets a little older!

  43. Oh my, this is such fun and unique! Love those little chef hats! Cakes always make birthday celebration complete...and I see 6 of them on the table!
    brooklyn birthday party

  44. So cute! I love it all! If you get a minute to check out my blog ,come on over!



  45. Oops...I think I just posted my comment on your general party page rather than this post.
    Hi! I'm new here. I am loving your blog! This birthday party is unbelievable! Fresh and beautiful. Your daughter is mighty lucky to have such a great mom helping her to celebrate her birthday. Keep the ideas coming!
    I have just revived my own blog after a long period of neglect. Now that it is updated, feel free to drop by sometime!
    Amy @ http://giftedgabber.blogspot.com/


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