A Thoughtful Place: Cocktail Party Wrap-Up


Cocktail Party Wrap-Up

I am back today with more of the details on my mom’s birthday party. My sister and I hosted a cocktail party to celebrate her and all that she means to us. It truly was an amazing group of friends that attended. Some of their friends have been around long before I was born. And to the attendees that read my blog {you know who you are!} . . . I love you and I thank you. You mean so much to me and to our family.


……………………...dessert first

My mom is known for wanting to always eat dessert first! It’s amazing she is so tiny. So I thought we would start with dessert first here as well. We kept things simple with yummy treats that people could pick up and eat with their fingers. By varying the height of the dishes, the table has a bit more interest.


We hand dipped the strawberries and the added detail to the lemon bites {Costco find} and brownies. My sister piped each brownie with an “L” for my mom {Linda} and I added a bit of frosting, a mint leaf and fresh raspberry to the top of each lemon cake.


…………………..…looking back

We really wanted my mom to feel special and find a fun way to celebrate her amazing life. My dad helped us by digging up some wonderful old photos. We mounted them on tiny gift bags {dollar section of Target} and hung them from raffia behind the dessert table.


We also sassied up {not a word, but I think I like it!} the clothes pins with srapbook paper and a flower. We strung photos on the fireplace and set more on top of the mantel.



………………..…outdoor details



We were blessed with a gorgeous evening weather wise. For d├ęcor we stuck with all things teal and lime green. The cute green candle with the hurricane is actually sitting on an upside down green graphic print bowl from Target {very clever sister!}.


With a large group, it’s nice to have name tag labels so that people can easily set their drinks down and not worry if they picked up the right one or not. We printed these on the computer ahead of time and used the lime green and teal ribbon to attach them {hint: to quickly find a name, we had them separated by male, female, and our family}.



For the smaller fresh flower arrangements we used mason jars that I spray painted with the color “lagoon”. It was a great match to the rest of the color scheme.



…………………………the menu


the menu

vegetables with cilantro curry & toasted onion dips

cheese & grape platter

roaster fingerling potatoes with gorgonzola

parmesan crab crostini

parmesan crostini

avocado salsa salad

pulled beef sliders with blue cheese




The appetizers were all labeled. I think people like to know what they are eating {and great if there are any allergies}. Another trick we have is handwriting the labels rather than using a computer in case you have in last minute changes.




And here is a shot of our family {albeit at the very end of the night}. So very blessed to be a part of this clan.

I love you, mom!

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  1. Looks like a great party! She must have been so happy! :)

  2. Great job as always, Courtney and Kristen!
    I'm sure your mom was thrilled.

  3. you did a fabulous job with all of your details. I am sure mom loved it!

  4. It looks like a perfect party Courtney!! And how cute is your family! The food is making me so hungry! I bet your mom loved every minute!

  5. Beautiful family! You girls know how to throw a fantastic party. I am sure your momma was thrilled. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Gosh, you and your sis are SO beyond talented!! Love every single detail! And you are one hot thing in your dress!! Looks like a great day! :)

  7. What great ideas!!! I love the tiny gift bags! I'm going to have to file that one away!

  8. You're just an entertaining expert over here! Love this! And beautiful picture of you all.

  9. What a gorgeous party! You girls thought of EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL! How sweet to celebrate your mom!

  10. Everything looks AMAZING! Could definitely be in a magazine spread. I'm sure your mom felt super special! Your dress is gorgeous too!

  11. What a fun party! Everything looks great & the food looks delicious!

  12. what a wonderful occasion! you sisters did an amazing job!

  13. What a wonderful party! You did an amazing job with everything and I agree, that food looks amazing!

  14. So many beautiful touches...I love the photos clipped like that- I did that for my brother's graduation party a few weekends ago. Beautiful family photo, too!

  15. Gorgeous!! Stealing many of these ideas for my next outdoor party! Great job Court!! I'm sure your mom loved everything you and your sister did :)

  16. What a beautiful party and a lovely outdoor setting. Your Mom is a beautiful woman....a classy party for a classy lady! Love all of the details. Your daughter's dress is adorable Courtney and you look stunning. A great family photo!

  17. AMAZZZZZZZZING. wow. I am just blown away! That is a professional party! You and your sis did an amazing job. I am sure your mom will cherish the special day. What a celebration!

  18. Courtney...those desserts look divine. And I LOVE all of the outdoor shots!

  19. What a beautiful party. Lovely decor and the food looks amazing!

  20. Just beautiful! I'll have to remember the trick for snazzing up store-bought desserts. LOVE the nametag wine charms as well! Beautifully done.

  21. what the wha!?!?!?! that looks like a freaking magazine shoot!!! like martha and eddie ross got busy over there! so beautiful, i know your mom felt blessed by you and her family! Love the shot at the end, and now I'm starving. thanks

  22. Aw, looks like so much fun!! I'm sure your mom loved it. Was hoping to see a few baby Court pics somewhere in the mix... : ) PS. You should definitely add "event planning" to Casey Grace's services. PPS. I'm with Cass, starrrving now! Yum!

  23. Wow! I could Pin every image for inspiration for our next party! The photo idea was so sweet! I know your Mom really felt the love- I'm so glad we got to see a pic of the whole gorgeous gang!

  24. I love all of your party hosting ideas - you always make it look so easy! The painted mason jars are so pretty and I love all the personal touches with the old photos. What a great looking family you all are- such a treasure to a get a big group shot like that. Your little girl's dress is adorable!

  25. I love the slipcovered chairs! Would you please share the source?

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