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Cookie Bar Baby Shower

Last week I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for a dear friend of mine, Sheila. It was a team effort and the other moms and I had a blast putting together a little event to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Hayden. As Sheila already has three handsome boys, the addition of a little girl has been quite a treat. Great excuse to break out the pink and be girlie for an evening. We had the shower on an evening during the week so we thought dessert was the way to go. I had seen Amy put together a  darling milk and cookies party, so we adapted that and created a cookie bar.


Each guest was in charge of brining one dozen of their favorite type of cookie. We did some planning ahead to make sure there would be a good variety. A helpful hint is to have guests let you know what they are bringing when the RSVP so that you can prepare labels ahead of time.


I typed up labels for each jar on Microsoft Publisher. I mounted them on scrapbook paper and then punched a hole on each side they could easily be tied around each jar. Hint: have a couple of blank labels in case anything changes at the last minute.


And thank you to sweet Michelle for opening up her beautiful home to all of us. Here is a photo snapped after setting up earlier that afternoon.


For the banner, I simply cut identical triangles. I used Microsoft Publisher to create circles and type each letter. Then, the old school way, I cute them out by hand. I used spray adhesive to attach them to each triangle.


Part of the fun was being able to go home with a carton full of cookies. Each guest was given a take out container to fill up with treats.



I made similar tags for my daughter’s bake shoppe party. When mounted on scrapbook paper you can really coordinate each part of the event.


Sheila, we are all so excited to watch your beautiful family welcome baby Hayden into this world. We are anxious to hold her in our arms. Thank you for sharing this evening with us.


What about you all? Hosted any parties lately or have any coming up? Big plans for a father’s day celebration?


  1. I love all of the little details--the banner, the take out boxes--so cute.

  2. Cute and clever and so pinky! Love the girliness!

  3. Very Sweet Courtney! Love all the pretty details :)

  4. So cute! Love that idea and all the details made it so fun!

  5. I love this idea. And, the jars that you used are adorable. Such a beautiful party!

  6. So adorable! I always love looking at your amazing parties :)

  7. Aww such a cute idea for a little gir's baby shower! Love all the cookie jars! :)

  8. Ah! Everything is so cute. The jars, the signage...the colors! So sweet.

  9. Love this idea for a shower. Everything looks so pretty!!

  10. what a creative idea, and what fun to have cute packages for guests to take cookies home in. love it. stealing this idea.

  11. Good gracious, it really doesn't get any more precious than this! Especially when I get to feast on cookies...always a plus (c:

  12. I have never seen this idea before and I absolutely love it! xo

  13. What a cute (and delicious) idea! I love how the cookies in the jars become the decoration! Great job! And I need to find me some of those 25 cent bowls you posted about! They are fabulous!

  14. What a darling baby shower! Everything looks so pretty Courtney. I like the idea of each guest having brought a dozen cookies. Such a fun idea! Your labels are perfection. I wish Sheila all the best with her soon to be little bundle of joy.

  15. What a fun party idea. Love the take home boxes especially!

  16. Everything looks wonderful. Love the cookie bar as a nice switch up from a candy bar and the takeout boxes and note are perfect. Thanks for sharing!


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