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Details on Dallas

We are back in sunny California. To say that I am exhausted is a major understatement. But I wanted to upload the phone photos and show you a little bit of our trip to Dallas. It was FANTASTIC. It was one of those trips where you have so much fun that you really do come home feeling invigorated. It was a combination of spending quality time with two of my favorite girlfriends, Megan and Cassie, and then being able to enjoy a nice getaway with the hubby. Really, it was the best of both worlds. It all came about when my husband suggested I tag along on a business trip so I could meet Cassie and Megan. Good thinking, hubs! From the time I landed in Dallas it was a whirlwind and we managed to pack a lot into three days.


Blogging has really blessed me in so many ways. But the biggest blessings are the friendships I have formed. It was hard to believe that I had met these girls in person for the first time. We honestly could not stop talking the whole entire time and even sat down on couches to chit chat in the middle of stores. I only wish we lived closer. Our hubbies all joined us for dinner and hit it off as well. The six of us enjoyed a great night out and it was an awesome way to kick off the weekend.




The next day the girls and I went shopping and enjoyed yummy tacos at Urban Taco. We even house crashed Cassie’s home where I discovered her blog does not do it justice. Awesome on the blog but even better in person.

photo (78)

Picked up this random guy at Mi Cocina {ok. . .not so random. . .my hubby} and enjoyed another fun night out with great food and wonderful company. It was so hard to say goodbye to Cassie and Megan.



The boutique hotel we stayed in was called The Stoneleigh. It was adorable inside and quite glamorous. It boasts a rich history and has a long list of fun celebrities that have stayed there over the years. If you happen to ever stay there, a fantastic steak house nearby {two minute walk} is called Nick and Sam’s. It’s worth checking out.


photo (83)photo (82)

I loved all of the d├ęcor and furnishings. It was hard not to snap away.


photo (65)

photo (64)photo (61)photo (62)


And the Texas shaped waffle with dark chocolate chips the melt on top was scrumptious!!! I had it two days in a row!

photo (75)


On Saturday we visited the Book Depository from which JFK was shot. It was a fascinating tour and really quite interesting to hear even more about that fateful day while standing in the depository as well as on the grassy knoll. It was emotional and rich with history.




After that, we hit up Union Bear. It’s rather new in Dallas and is delicious. The atmosphere is wonderful and the food was really outstanding.


photo (67)

photo (68)

Our last night we found a fantastic sport’s bar over at the Omni Hotel. It is called The Owner’s Box and it hosts GIANT TV screens so we were able to cheer on the Irish with other Notre Dame fans as we watched them go 8-0 for the season. GO IRISH!!!!!


photo (66)

Each night we came back to our hotel and were able to relax on the sofas in the lobby and enjoy each other’s company. It was so nice to get in so much quality couple time. And the great thing about Dallas these past few days was that it was freezing and I could finally whip out the boots!!!


photo (63)


We couldn’t wait to get back to the kiddos and see their smiling faces. Ryan’s mom took such wonderful care of them. They loved spending time with her and their uncle. I am impressed she is still standing. We all know how much work it is! Thank you from the bottom of our heart. And to Megan and Cassie, thank you for such a tremendous time. I miss you already and can’t wait to get back to Dallas sometime soon!


Thanks for letting me share. I will be back tomorrow with a major project I have been working on!



  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend getaway! So glad you had such a fun time :)

  2. what a fun trip! and that hotel looks amazing!

  3. Sounds like such a wonderful time! :-) Thanks for sharing the fun pictures with us!

  4. What fun! You all packed in a lot! Glad you had a great trip.

  5. SO fun! Looks like you girls had a total blast! You and your hubby are the cutest couple!

  6. Daaaang I wanna be there with y'all eating that food and staying at that hotel. So glad you had fun. xx

  7. So fun and Nick and Sam's is delicious! Next time you go back to Dallas, try out Nick and Sam's Grill - my brother in law is the general manager and it is just as delicious as the steak house!

  8. What a fun and sweet recap!! I can't believe someone photobombed that cute pic...so rude. We had the best time, come back this weekend!!! And wouldn't you know it, we're back to 75-degrees tomorrow! ;) xoxoxoxo

  9. Too fun! How fantastic that you've made such amazing friends through blogging!

    And hey, I'm a fellow Irish fan!! Go IRISH!! My hubby went there, so we are one of the few in Michigan that don't cheer for U of M or State.;)

  10. So glad you ladies had a blast! I really would love to do something like this with a few of my bloggy ladies! And that hotel looked so nice and swanky! ;)

  11. Looks like an amazing trip!! So wonderful that you got to know C & M and also make it a romantic weekend too! xx

  12. How fun! I am heading to Texas this weekend...sorry to have missed you guys by a week. Hoping to meet up with sweet Michaela however. Hubby usually heads to Dallas in February...anyone up for another trip?!!!

  13. I LOVE the Stoneleigh and Nick and Sam's! Great choices. :)

  14. So jealous! Looks like you had an amazing time. I also look forward to meeting up with blog buddies. It's probably like you've known each other for years! How wonderful it must have been to go with your hubby on his business trip. I will have to try that next time, when it's someplace good! :)

  15. glad you had fun--that food up there is making me HUNGRY! :)

    Great recap! xo,

  16. That looks like an awesome trip! I love to see blog buddies hitting it off in person...maybe I'll get there some day!

  17. That has all the elements of an absolutely perfect trip! Food, friends, *awesome* hotel...and time alone with the hubby??? Heaven, pure heaven (c:

  18. Miss you already Courtney! I'm glad you got to enjoy some couple time too.

  19. Sounds like so much fun! Good food, good friends and special time with hubby. Love the photos and I also love that ruffled blouse you have on!

  20. I love the ruffly shirt you are wearing with boots in the photo above.


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