A Thoughtful Place: Christmas Wrapping Box


Christmas Wrapping Box

Happy Friday, everyone! I am getting super excited about the holidays. They are really just right around the corner. I am determined to stay calm and organized this year {wondering if that is possible!}. One way I am doing that is by having my wrapping supplies close at hand. Here is a sneak peek of my guest post for I Heart Organizing.

…………………………... wrapping made easy



You can check it all out over here! I give you the details on what’s inside and how I will use this box this year.

IHeart Organizing


enjoy your weekend. we have our last soccer games and will enjoy just hanging out as a family.

what will you be up to?


  1. I love your last year wrapping gifts. What kind of pen and chalkboard do you use?

  2. Such a great idea! I'm starting to buy all my wrapping and decoration supplies and I know things are going to get hectic!

  3. Definitely heading over, I can use all the organization I can get!!! And those tags are *ADORABLE*!

  4. Yes, Christmas is right around the corner! I aim to be more organized this year. Love your wrapping box idea and those tags are fun. I am going to start gathering some supplies this week. Hope you're having a nice weekend Courtney.

  5. I love the idea. Can't wait to shop for Christmas decorations and gift wrappings and get them organized.


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