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How to Marry Travel and Fashion

I normally leave the fashion posts to the bloggers who really know what they are talking about! I don’t really have a clue but I had a ton of emails asking about the different pieces I wore while in Dallas & Chicago. I have learned something about myself and traveling.  .  . I might be schlepping around a new city, but I still like to look current. I have also learned that it is pretty darn easy to pull off a couple of looks while on the road with a few simple pieces. I like to stick with some basics and add pops of color with my scarves. It is a much easier way to pack as well. I also find that the white pea coat is a way to pull any outfit together. It matches everything but looks great with boots, scarves, and a fun handbag. So today I am showing you my go to pieces for when I travel and basically for fall and winter. I wear them just as much at home as I do when I sightsee. Oh, and the boots were the number one thing you all asked for so I scooped up three by the same maker for you to choose from. Obviously if you will be walking a lot the flat boots are best. But I also take a pair of heeled boots for going out at night. And I have to say that my Miz Mooz boots are the most comfortable boots I own and I really do love them. And if we get dressed up at night I pair them with a simple dress and tights.



Miz Mooz Katie in Gray


Miz Mooz Shannon

Miz Mooz 'Kacy' Boot

{update: click link to right for great sale price}  Miz Mooz Kacy Boot 

BY THE WAY: I buy one 1/2 size down in Miz Mooz {Just FYI}

Oh, and I stick to a gray or khaki boot because they look darling with black or brown! They go with EVERYTHING.


Navy Blazer

Anyone who knows me well, knows that my navy blazer is a huge staple in my wardrobe. I like that it dresses up a pair of jeans while still being comfortable. When I travel I layer underneath so that I can transition to going out with just a tank underneath. Add a scarf or necklace and your are set.

Turtleneck Sweater

My khaki turtleneck sweater is another staple. I like that it goes with anything and can be instantly changed with a pop of color scarf.

Hudson Jeans Signature Bootcut Jeans (Finch)

Hudson Bootcut

I do splurge on jeans every now and then. The reason being is that these fit me the best and every woman knows that if you find a great fitting pair of jeans you hang onto them for dear life. They last my quite a while so for me it is worth it.


David & Young Zigzag Knit Infinity Scarf


Zig Zag Infinity Scarf

Super love this scarf!!!! Keeping most of my traveling pieces neutral I can change it up with a different scarf. Also, when you shed your coat in a cold climate once inside, the scarf gives the outfit a kick.

Coffee Shop Junior's Double Breasted Wool Peacoat -Assorted Colors

White Pea coat

I invested in a white pea coat years ago and I still wear it every season. It’s my number one pick. And I must say it has not gotten dirty like most would think. One coat is all I take when I travel and the white looks good with jeans but also looks great with dresses if you kick up the style.


Tory Burch 'Diamante' Stacked Square Wrap Bracelet


Stacked Bracelet

I like to take a set of bracelets that I can wear with everything. They travel well and make me feel more put together. I don’t have these but hubby if you are reading. . . . I like them oh so much!

Big Buddha Faux Leather Hobo


Zig Zag Hobo Purse

And lastly, my last traveling must is a shoulder bag. Most of my purses that I use at home are carried on my arm so when I travel I make sure I take one that I can toss over my shoulder. I like to carry one that has a print like this one because it instantly adds style to your neutral outfits.

I hope these picks help! They are my favorites for traveling and for winter. What about you? Any fun fashion tips when you travel?

update: recently found this coat which is very similar to the one I have:

large image view



  1. OH MY WORD. Timely post! I am getting ready to fly for a long weekend, but just wanted to take a carry-on. I noticed in your post the other day how slick you looked during the wedding weekend...and here is the "how-to"! Awesome!

  2. Love the boots! My "riding" boots have been re-soled twice I wear them so much. Such a great wardrobe staple.

  3. Those boots are gorgeous and I simply have to have those wrap bracelets!

  4. Where are those bracelets from?

  5. I'm so glad you posted this and would argue that you DO know what you are talking about. Just between us, I was stalking your boots already so thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Although I didn't email, I did scroll back through and analyze out the stylish outfits you put together! :) Thanks!

  7. I agree with Rene...you know what you're talking about. Great post Courtney. You looked beautiful in all of your outfits on both trips. I may need to snag those boots in gray. Love those.

  8. Love all your picks!! You have such great style!!! xo

  9. those bracelets are darling! and i need a new pair of boots!

  10. Love all your picks...you are so totally stylish and know what you're talking about! You'll be doing outfit posts before you know it! Tell G to brush up on his photo skillz! ;)

  11. Mark thanks you for doing his Christmas shopping for him! LOL Love it all. I was just saying I need a few go to pieces since we are traveling so much these days.

  12. I love those boots!!! Great tips and you are so right about a good fitting pair of jeans!

  13. Thanks for these tips! I will be taking a trip with my mom to California in a few weeks and I really was not looking forward to packing until now! ;-) I have had my eye on that turtleneck sweater for some time now, it is just so pretty!

  14. That white pea coat is toooo cute, I need one!
    Happy weekend Courtney!

  15. I'm having a love affair with the white coat i bought because of this post! Thanks for all the great tips!

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