A Thoughtful Place: This Caught My Eye & Halloween Recap


This Caught My Eye & Halloween Recap

While I was in Dallas, I visited West Elm in person for the first time. Super excited that we are finally getting one here next week. I have to admit that we did more talking than looking, but a few things definitely caught my eye and I wish I could scoop them all up. Take a look:

Sutton Striped Sofette

sutton stripe sofette

Detailed View

martini side table now in antique brass

Staggered Chandelier - Small

staggered chandelier

ConfettiSystem Garland

confettisystem garland

Paper Flower Wreath

paper flower wreath

I can hardly wait to go check out our store in person. I should probably shop alone so I can focus!!! Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. Here is a little snapshot of our night!



And I am thinking I need to get my little skeleton into martial arts as he was busting out this move all night. What is that??? Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!


  1. Oh my gosh they are too cute! I think it's a boy thing - mine is 8 and he still bust out those crazy moves whenever he's in a costume ;)

  2. Love the sutton stripe sofette. I just wish the stripes were continous.
    Your kids look so cute!
    We didn't have trick-or-treating this year. :( Too much rain after Sandy!

  3. They look so adorable! And my gosh, you do live in mayberry, don't you!?!? your neighborhood is gorgeous!

  4. HA! Love the ninja moves! So good. And I'm surprised that so cal is just now getting a West Elm! Dangerous!!

  5. Hey Courtney! Love the striped sofette. Your kids look adorable! Did they sprint from door to door like mine did? I could barely keep up :)

  6. I think the move your son is doing is the same one my 6 yr old son dressed as Iron Man was doing. Looks like you had a fun Halloween!

  7. The kiddos are adorable! Glad they had a fun evening.

  8. Looks like the kids were having a blast and how nice to trick or treat in lovely weather!!! We had a down pour. And that brass side table, can one have too many little side tables? I think I have a major thing for them!! Janell

  9. The kids looked adorable in their costumes! Like Janell, we had rain, too. We didn't get as many trick or treaters but so fun with the ones we had. I love West Elm. We had one close by but they closed...so sad. That confetti garland is fun for the holidays.

  10. Too funny!! Love the outfits and West Elm. Are you going to the grand opening??

  11. They look adorable! Hope you guys had a great night! And yes, west elm...much love. :) I am a huge fan.

  12. Happy Halloween!
    Very cute children.
    Children are very happy and.


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