A Thoughtful Place: Christmas Cookies, Crackers, & Cocktails


Christmas Cookies, Crackers, & Cocktails

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  I feel especially blessed to have a group of girlfriends who have really been through thick and thin with me. We all met when our babies were quite young and have remained a close knit group of girls. Tonight they are coming over for Christmas Cookies, Crackers, & Cocktails. We try to keep it all simple by sticking to a few savory treats mixed with some sweet desserts. Throw in some wine and cocktails and it’s an easy way to get together. After all, us mommies just like to take a break from the norm and relax with good friends. Thanks to my sweet friend, Rene, from Cottage and Vine I was gifted a darling Secret Santa Surprise. She was sneaky and knew that I was going with bold colors so the bright red Christmas finials are a perfect addition to my home this season.





The cute finials are from Kirkland’s and I am so grateful to Rene. Thanks for helping me bring in the holiday cheer for my party, Rene.




The photos were obviously snapped during the day, but the room takes on a cozier feel at night.



A few sources: The acrylic tray is from Pretty Smitten. I swapped out the monogram paper for polka dot wrapping paper. The chevron drink tags are from Target. Polka dot plates are made by Rosanna and the striped straws were picked up from HomeGoods. Oh, and the “oh joy” banner is from Minted.




And I am big on having people feel relaxed and at home when the come over so it’s serve yourself style! Don’t be shy!



Thank you again to Rene over at Cottage and Vine for my fun Secret Santa gift from Kirkland’s! I love it! The sweet treats sign was a party package I downloaded last year. You can see details on that candy bar party here.



And thank you to everyone who linked up yesterday with Christmas décor. It’s not too late to join the party.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Your Christmas decorations are so much fun! I love all that glitter and bright colours :) I'm sure it was a fun with your girlfriends!


  2. So much fun! I love the wine tags!

  3. Next time I throw a party, will you please come help me decorate?

  4. Looks so fun, and a great idea for a casual get-together with girlfriends :)

  5. So so cute!! Looks like it's going to be a fun night...I can't wait! ;)

  6. I love the wine glasses in the acrylic tray... what a classy look! Might need to get myself one of those trays...! :)

  7. This post is adorable! I love your touches of color this year! I'll be there with my caramelitas ;)! Ho ho ho!

  8. Love this little party, I so need to do something like this for me and my girlfriends! Everything looks awesome.

  9. Have the best time, nothing like a great group of girlfriends! Your house looks so cheerful...Janell

  10. These are all so Pinteresty! Great pics. Checkout my post today, it's a guest post: Gift guide for the working girl!

    A Pop of Style

  11. Very pretty! Love all the red. Should be a fun party!

  12. Red makes everything in your house so fresth and pretty!Have a Merry Christmas!!

  13. Have you ever done a post on how you keep all of your Christmas wrap and holiday trimmings (bows, ribbons, cards, tags, etc.) organized? I'd love to take a peek into how you store all of it year round! I need some inspiration to put mine away nice and neatly and had no idea how to start! If you've posted about this already, or plan to do so in the future, please let me know!



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