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Heavy Heart

I have no words after learning of the tragedy in Connecticut. Heart wrenching.


My heart and prayers are with all of the families whose lives are forever altered. God bless you.


  1. I've had a hard time pulling away from CNN. Have had tears running down my face off and on all afternoon. I think something like this just hits us at that purely emotional place. We can't wrap our heads around it enough to articulate the horror so we just cry.

  2. It truly is too sad for words - are there even words that can express the horror and grief felt by a nation over the slaughter of innocents?

  3. This is beautiful. This picture is such a sweet scenery to give us hope that God is handling it all. I truly hope for strength for anyone affected by this tragic event. I'm going to have to steal this picture with the link.


  4. I am from Connecticut, born and raised, I moved to Atlanta a year and a half ago. I know Newtown, been through it many times. It's a typical suburban Connecticut town with young families. I can't believe I'm hearing about Connecticut in this way on the news. I'm heart broken. Angry. So sad. Thinking of my own daughter who will be in kindergarten this Spring. I like a lot of others have been overcome with emotion on and off today. It is so incredibly unbelievable that someone could murder 20 innocent children, all in kindergarten! I weep for those parents and for the 6 adults killed as well. The world needs to pray for an end to this senseless violence!!

  5. It makes everything else seem so insignificant right now! Hugging my own babies neck, who happens to be home from college for break. There are no words...it is in God's hands.


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