A Thoughtful Place: Jewelry Storage {Repurposing the Apothecary Jar}


Jewelry Storage {Repurposing the Apothecary Jar}

If you have been following me for a while than you may recall seeing my little jewelry area in my bedroom. It’s been really nice having it all in one organized spot. I showed much of it here. Well my darling sister, Kristin, hooked me up on Christmas with something I had spotted at West Elm when we were shopping together. Originally, I really wanted to use it in my bathroom as it is intended. But once I set it down on my little jewelry shelf, it wasn’t moving!


This cute piece is a stackable set of three jars. So if you were to use it in the bathroom you could fill it with cotton balls, q-tips, etc. Here I have some of my favorite necklaces and bracelets.




I can’t tell you how much I love this little baby. Here is why it makes me so happy:

It doesn’t take up much real estate

It holds a ton of jewelry

It keeps my pieces dust free

I can see what I have



And a shout out to my sweet mother in law who saw this post and sent me the darling cuff in the above photo.



My other favorite ways to store my jewelry is in cute bowls, the egg crate and raised up on candlesticks just to vary the height. The picture frame is nice for hanging chunkier pieces on each corner.




So next time you are checking out bathroom accessories, keep your jewelry in mind! You can go here to see the West Elm stacking canister my sister gave me. Thanks, Kristin!



  1. Love that jar! Such a pretty piece. And big bonus that it functions so well for your favorite jewelry pieces!

  2. I love your little jewelry corner :) I think you've inspired me to make one of my own. The three glass jar is great for that! xo Kristin

  3. You forgot...the jar is pretty!! Clever storage, Courtney!

  4. I love pretty storage! What a great spot to keep it all accessible and looking so great!

  5. Love it! I really need to tackle my jewelry clutter. Maybe I won't misplace as many pieces if I do:) Great egg crate idea!

  6. Love the jar. I am currently reorganizing my jewelry. It was stored in a drawer and just was not working!!

  7. That looks great! The jar is perfect!

  8. I'm working on organizing belts and scarves....jewelry is an entire different story:) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh man I've been wanting one of those, but I never thought of using it for jewelry! Now I definitely need one or two!

  10. Great idea for jewelery storage and love the look. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Love that stackable jar and what a fun idea using it for your jewelry. So sweet that your MIL read your post and sent you the pretty cuff!

  12. I am not lying when I say that just this morning I was thinking I need to look into cute/lovely ideas for jewellery storage - and then I found you and this post about that exact thing!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gorgeous ideas.


  13. What a great idea Courtney! Love the cute red and aqua bowl too!

  14. That is so perfect! I was just complaining about needing to organize all my jewelry crapola....and even better, it looks *gorgeous*! Win/win (c:

  15. Great ideas...and so pretty...makes accessorizing easier, too.

  16. Such a fantastic idea. I have a jelewry box that I love, but things get hidden in there and then I forget what I have.

  17. This is so great! I love that you store your pretty jewelry in pretty ways! I adore the dishes and jars!


  18. Cute ideas! Just be cautious of storing too many pieces together, as this can cause scratching of your jewelry.

  19. Check out our jewelry storage ideas and anti-tarnish tips over on our blog http://blog.interceptjewelrycare.com/

  20. I came over from CleanJewelry.com. Nice blog you have here... I like your ideas.


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