A Thoughtful Place: Mason Jars {Simple and Sweet}


Mason Jars {Simple and Sweet}

I decided I wanted to transform simple mason jars into festive vases for  Valentine’s Day. All it took was some heirloom white spray paint and some temporary, simple additions. Here is how they turned out.


I am not stranger to the mason jar. I just find them so charming and simple. I like the rustic charm they can bring to a space. These are smooth jars that I found at Hobby Lobby. They are usually $3.00 but were 50% off this week. I’ll take it.
Because I had originally planned to stripe the jars {white and pale pink} I picked up the ballet slipper paint as well. I might still tackle the striped ones, but wanted to show you how pretty that pale pink is. Have any of you used it before? Felt ribbon is courtesy of the Target dollar section. Merci beaucoup, Tar-jay.



Just FYI, when I do three arrangements like this I use two bunches of flowers and divide them evenly. I usually pick up my flowers from Trader Joe’s because it is convenient and the prices are always good.

I found the baker’s twine and the package of heart felt ribbon in the dollar section of Target. I picked up the gray and white tape at Michael’s. I had intended to paint pink stripes on one jar but I liked how the tape looked so I decided not to. I also like that all three of these are temporary and can be removed. The felt ribbon is attached to the back of the jar with a piece of washi tape. Now I can switch up my color scheme any time by adding different ribbons, twines, or tapes.




I like the ombre effect of the heart ribbon and the baker’s twine brings in the red for Valentine’s Day.

These sweet jars are now on our mantel for February. I will show you all of the details of that next week. I also think one all dolled up would make a simple and sweet gift for a teacher or neighbor. What about you? Are you getting in the spirit of Valentine’s Day?
{You can see how I painted mason jars to use as bookends here}

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  1. Mason jars are so fun for decorating. I love what you did with them.

  2. these are so sweet. never have used washi tape but may have to pick up a roll.

  3. These look so sweet and pretty. I love the soft colors. The pale pink ribbon is so beautiful. Is Washi tape available at Hobby Lobby? Thank you so much for this post.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I love mason jars, I have a whole box of them... I should definitely paint them, yours look perfect.

  5. These are really sweet! I used the felt hearts roll on some sweet Valentine coasters my daughter and I made this weekend. I have lots of red and white twine leftover from Christmas that I may put to work ; )

  6. These are adorable Courtney! I especially love them filled with a mix of flowers. I hope you are recovered from Alt & are having a great week.

  7. I love those spray paint colors - it's my favorite white -and I need to try that pink. I love the smooth jars too - they're so easy to smack a label on!

  8. You are just too creative. So adorable. If you had an Etsy shop, I would be your biggest customer!

  9. yes!!! i've been playing with my spring tablescape with mason jars and something was missing, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. must spray paint those jars asap. thank you, doll!!! now if i could only get them to look as cute as yours...

  10. These are seriously adorable! And easy enough I can handle!

  11. So sweet and simple! Love them! And I love that you can mix things up and use them year round! Darling as always!


  12. These are very sweek & simple! And while I'm not a huge V-day fan, I love the colors and especially the bakers twine and tape!

  13. Oh how pretty! So sweet....a perfect touch of love in a mason jar! You will have fun with Ballet Slipper Pink on another project. I've used it and it's a lovely soft feminine pink.

  14. Adorable, Courtney! The mason jars are so sweet and the flowers are beautiful!

  15. SO pretty! I love how a coat of white paint can dramatically change the look of a simple glass jar. Love all the ribbon, twine, and tape accents too :)

  16. love love love this idea!! the floral arrangements are gorgeous too! Happy Friday!

  17. Such a pretty idea. I must try. Oh, and I am so happy you used fresh flowers, not faux. Beautiful!

  18. Cute!! That felt ribbon is PRECIOUS! I need to pick up some of that!

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  21. The jars look great! You've got my wheels turning.

    Marlene Detierro (Stevens Transport and Trucking)


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