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Friday Eye Candy: A Dose of Color

Hip hip hooray! It’s Friday! I am thrilled. We don’t have any major plans this weekend, but it will be nice to get a couple of projects done and just simmer down. I am itching for spring and can’t get enough of color these days. I fell in love with these beautiful images from bhg.com. I think you will, too. They are all charming and cheerful.


Blue: Expand Your Horizons

It is amazing what one bold graphic print can do to a space. And they layering of colors and textures is so pretty in this room. And the dark stain of the doors really sets them apart and warms up the space. It would look entirely different if they had been painted white.


Green: Nature's Hue

Who could ever possibly be cranky in this breakfast room? It’s so beautiful and happy. Big fan of the fabric covered credenza on the right as well. And my daughter would love me if she had a blanket hanging over her chair. She grabs on from the family room every morning instead of wearing her bathrobe!


Neutrals: Know Your Mark

And this just goes to show you that a few doses of color here and there are enough to make a neutral space come alive. Anyone know where that reading lamp is from. I super adore it.


Orange: Pretty in Peach

{all images via bhg.com}

I think this room works so beautifully because of the strong iron bed and the ruffled bedding. The colors are all so pretty but in a muted enough tone that they all work so well together. The antique vibe of this room looks collected over time.

Hope the does of color gave you some fun inspiration. Enjoy your weekend Oh, and thank you to everyone who “liked” our Casey Grace Facebook page. We send you a virtual hug.

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  1. You're so right about those dark doors, they really add a pop to the room. I don't know where that reading lamp is from but I bought virtually the exact one for our home office at Home Goods a couple years ago! Hope you have a great weekend!! xo

  2. Loved all of those pictures. So many wonderful ideas. I also want to mention that I enjoyed reading about Casey Grace designs yesterday. I am sure with your talent Casey Grace designs will be a huge and amazing success.

  3. Beautiful spaces. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Love all those beautiful colorful rooms!! Happy weekend!

  5. Color just makes me smile...it's just not a finished room without some pop of color *somewhere*, right? (c: And just went and liked the biz FB page, so happy for you gals!!! You have some extremely lucky clients (c:

  6. Ahhh. Love these colors. Bring on spring!

  7. These light, bright and airy spaces make me so so ready for spring! That dining room area is my favorite!

  8. Just lovely! Have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful rooms. Color = happy in my book! That is a lovely breakfast room and that sheep makes me smile. Enjoy your weekend Courtney.


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