A Thoughtful Place: How to Make Valentine Treats {Pink Pretzels}


How to Make Valentine Treats {Pink Pretzels}

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to have some sweet treats on hand for the kiddos. Our four year old son is allergic to chocolate {gasp, I know} so it’s always a challenge to come up with new and fun ideas for treats that do not involve any chocolate. I thought candy dipped pretzels would be not only cute, but pretty quick to whip up as well. I am a huge fan of the sweet and savory combination so these do the trick.



…………………….….the supplies


I pick up my candy melts from either Hobby Lobby or Michael’s depending on where I am. The only other supply I ended up using at the last minute were some pearl candy sprinkles {that my children LOVE for some reason}. I melted the candy using the microwave.

Creating the pink pretzels: To completely cover the pretzels in pink candy, I dunked about three at a time and used a spoon to move them around in the bowl until covered. Then I fished one out with the spoon and held it with two fingers to shake off the excess. Then I placed them on wax paper. Once I had them all coated, I put them in the fridge to set for a few minutes. Just remember: Dunk, Fish, Shake {Dunk the pretzel, fish it out with a spoon, and shake off the extra candy}.


Adding the white detail: After the pink candy coating was set, I melted the white candy melts. For half of the pretzels I dunked them in the white candy and added candy pearls. To create the plaid drizzled effect, I poured the melted white candy into a snack size bag and cut a tiny tiny hole in the bottom. That allowed me to drizzle the candy over the pretzel with a really fine line of candy. MAJOR HINT: After you drizzle the white candy, be sure to poke your finger or a knife through the pretzel holes. If you do not and the candy stretches across the holes, it looks a lot like spider webs. Not cute, nor appetizing!

I had a willing taster who was dying to try these after church. With milk in hand, she was a happy little camper. This little one melts my heart.



Details: I only used half a bag of the pink candy melts to make a really nice size batch. I am keeping them in a bowl in the fridge. When it’s time to serve them up for dessert or a treat, I take out how many I need and let them sit out for just a couple of minutes. Yummy!!! Oh, and for the curious types . . . the gray and white striped straws are from Home Goods.
Have you whipped up any fun treats for February? I would love to know! Especially if they do not include chocolate!
have a sweet day
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  1. Sweet & simple treats! Love that toothless taster.

    1. Thank you! She was so thrilled to lose those teeth!

  2. Such a darling and simple idea. Thanks for sharing. I believe we will be making a batch this week, for sure.
    Love your blog, you always have the sweetest posts!

    1. Thank you, Bryn. Such a kind compliment. Enjoy the day.

  3. Shut up! These are adorable! :) Love your other Valentines ideas too!

  4. Those are adorable and so simple! What a great Valentine's treat!

  5. Yummmmmm! Now I'm hungry. And I feel the need to squeeze a sweet little 6-year old!!!

  6. We have a toothless wonder on our hands! How cute is she :) Oh, back to the pretzels....YUM! Can I come over and steal some?! :)

  7. Oo I love chocolate covered pretzels but these look even more delicious! And they're pink! Definitely going to have to try this for valentine's day!

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  8. Oh my goodness...your daughter is a doll! Cute!! I remember losing my front teeth many years ago. Those pretzels look yummy and so pretty in pink.

  9. These look so cute (and tasty too)! I also love your Valentine's Day mason jars!

  10. Yes please, a little salty with my sweet - love that adorable photo of your cutie with her missing teeth!

  11. I'm thinking baby girl shower favor. Love them. So cute. Pinning for later!

  12. por tener un blog tan bonito y chulo tienes un premio en mi blog.

  13. First off, yummy! I want some! And secondly, when did R lose both teeth?? She looks so adorable...and Emma is going to be so jealous. :)

  14. These look amazing! You're more than welcome to ship some to me. ;)

  15. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Newest follower! I would be honored if you stopped by at toddlindsey.com :)

  16. Wow - these are so pretty! I wouldn't want to eat them - lol. I shared them on my G+ page: gplus.to/SeasonalFamilyFun


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