A Thoughtful Place: How to Organize a Mudroom {clutter free tips}


How to Organize a Mudroom {clutter free tips}

It’s about time for a mini mudroom update, my friends. Back in the day, I convinced my hubby to bust through a wall under our stairs and create storage for our Christmas d├ęcor. In doing so, we gained an entire closet to use as a mudroom. But how do you organize a mudroom and really make it work? That is what I have learned over the last couple of years. As our children have grown, so has their “stuff” and I needed to make some changes. By spending $20 over the weekend I am such a happy mama. Can’t wait to show you how this space is really functioning for us now.




…………………… a look back


And although this space looks cleaner back in the day, we quickly needed more room for things. And those of you who visited lately {Grandma Sue!} know that it had been a mess. These three hooks, albeit darling, were just not cutting it. I needed to be able to hang more items as well as have them be much sturdier.




I couldn’t stand the heap of coats, bags, and junk anymore so I was off to the local hardware store this weekend. I picked up six hooks {all found where the knobs and handles are}. They were $3 a piece. Money well spent. The cute nautical hooks were never correctly attached to the wall and would fall off if the kids were a bit too rough with their belongings. {Daily!!!}.


IMG_9891 (2)

My sweet hubby and son hung the hooks for me after I marked them off. I removed the ABC print so that I could hang more of these hooks and make room for my purses. I have been using the dry erase calendar for a couple of years now and moved it into the mudroom space.



What I love is that each hook allows you to hang two items. The kiddos each have one for their jacket and their school bag. The other hooks are for yours truly! It’s nice to have the things I use all of the time right by our garage door. So I have a hook with the scarf I wear the most as well as three more hooks to hold my purses. I tend to alternate between three during each season so those are the ones I hang in the mudroom. The rest of my purses are in my closet.


I have to take a moment to tell you about my camera bag. I have been meaning to do this forever. If you are a blogger or avid photographer, than you know that your camera is with you or next to you at all times. That is why I keep my bag in this mudroom. I do most of my shoots for blog photos downstairs or outside so I can grab it anytime. I did MAJOR research before buying this bag and I could not love it anymore. It’s the Kelly Moore 2 Sues bag and it holds everything. I have my camera body with lens, two extra lenses and a detachable flash in there. It also has a spot for my iPad which I put inside when going to see clients. It has a crazy amount of storage and is pretty much a part of my daily life. Love. Ok! Back to the mudroom details!


So this may be slight mommy moment. I couldn’t help but capture how cute these two boards are. As you can tell, my daughter is a huge love of books and makes it be known. Once a teacher, this makes my heart sing!


IMG_9899 (2)



One of my all time favorite parts of our mudroom are the hanging folders which I have shown before. You can get them at the Container store. I put all work and papers from school in them each and every day. Then when they are full, I go through them. Major time saver. You can read more about that and storing artwork right here.


Tips For A Clutter Free Mudroom:

hooks for bags and jackets {sturdy and strong}

shoes bins for each child {each kiddo has two bins}

a clock to know what time it is

a family calendar

hanging bins to gather everyday schoolwork and artwork

camera bag

pocket organizer on the door to hold most of your daily needs & small items

a place to sit and put on shoes

a light

chalkboard and magnet board just for fun


IMG_9904 (2)






If you are new to the blog and have not seen my door pocket organizer you can check it out here. It has saved my life. There is also a link here to how I organize my receipts using this space as well. Check it out. Oh, and Grandma Sue . . doesn’t it look much better than when you were here?! I gathered up the links from our mudroom over the years in case you want to check them out below.

busting through the wall

covering the seat cushion

first mudroom reveal

pocket organizer and summer updates

door organizer

organizing receipts

organizing daily schoolwork and artwork

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  1. Indeed, it does look like a different place! I, however; need you to do the same for me here in PA. :)

    Grandma Sue

  2. Your mudroom looks gorgeous! Great job :)

    Suzanne from writtenbysuzanne

  3. I love everything about it! My kids would wanna use that space as a fort! Love those hooks and the purses hanging from them. :) Good job, missy!

  4. I love that space so much! The double hooks are genius!

  5. Oh it looks great! The double hooks are the perfect solution.

  6. Nice and tidy, Courtney! And such a great use of space. Pretty but functional hooks rock my world too…..now if I could just get the kiddos to actually hang things on them!!

  7. Love this. We do not have a mudroom, but we are thinking of converting our front closet into one. This is perfect.

  8. Super organized, pretty and functional! It looks great Courtney. My eyes immediately were drawn to your lovely raspberry bag and your lovely scarf! Happy Monday!

  9. Great updates! ANd I need your pink purse! kthxbai

  10. Oh what a great use of this space. I love your ideas. I have a giveaway at the moment you maybe interested in..xx

  11. Such great tips! I have always swooned over that nook of yours. And I love how those new hooks dramatically increased your wall storage! High fives! Oh, and yes, that camera bag is AMAZING!


  12. Yep, we had to add more hooks recently too. Too much stuff to hang- especially in winter with scarves and lots of jackets. I could use a camera bag . . .

  13. Great tips! Now I wish I had a mud room to put them to use.

  14. Looks so great! Love me an organized space!

  15. Those double hooks are just perfect -- and are pretty too! So nice when you can get a space functioning even better!

  16. Never would I think wide stripes would look so good in such a small room and I have plenty of small rooms. Great post.


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