A Thoughtful Place: Friday Eye Candy: Green With Envy


Friday Eye Candy: Green With Envy

I love green. I always have. Green has always read as a neutral to me and I strongly believe every room should boast a shade of green in some way. It breathes so much natural looking life into a room. Whether it’s a plant or a beautifully chosen pillow, green is a color you can not go wrong with. I was reminded of that when I saw a stunning living room that Lauren created for a client. The subtle pops of green are so lovely in this neutral palette. Here’s to green.


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Refresh with Green

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It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday! How did that happen. Hope you all enjoy a beautiful weekend.

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  1. I adore green myself. Your blog is a perfect example as to how green is such a fun, yet elegant color. I have pops of green in my living room, as well as my bedroom and bath. Love it! My living room needs a little more cohesion, but that's why decorating is a journey. I LOVE your bedroom inspiration....that wall is gorgeous.

  2. I love Lauren's decorating style. It is so refined and sophisticated. I love how she brings in green in the rooms she designs with framed botanicals, topiaries, and other natural elements.

    I love the rectangular pillow in your last image. Sooo pretty.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I'm with you, I always go back to green! I am fighting to keep some house plants alive, even though I am the worst plant owner ever. I love the color and life they bring to a room. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I too love green. My office is white, green and blue (my Granny's favorite too). I am adding a bit more green to our otherwise neutral family room as well.

  5. Green really livens up these rooms, I think they would be quite dull and predictable without it.

  6. Im a green girl too. It is my color in every room. Sometimes i will think , is it too much? No, its my place so i only need to make me happy. Love green. Thanks for the pics.

  7. Beautiful inspiration photos! Happy weekend to you!

  8. I am a big fan of the color green too, so I love your inspiration pics. Love the hint of green in the accessories etc. of the first and last photos, and that green wallpaper in the bedroom photo is delicious. And then dutch doors are charming enough, but painted that lovely green takes it over the top---love! Have a wonderful weekend!


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