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Bathroom Organization: Under the Sink

Organizing under the bathroom sink is always a fun chore! Those darn pipes and all of the necessities of life make it interesting. A while back I showed you how I used a pocket organizer. I made some changes and updates and am back today to show you what we have going on. It’s all very simple and yet makes life so much more organized. Check it out.




Do you remember when I used a shoe organizer to hang products under the sink? I LOVE this. But major update. The velcro I used did not support it well. So we made it more permanent and screwed the shoe organizer into the cabinet. It may seem aggressive and quite permanent, but we these pockets have been life changing and I was not about to let them go. Everything I need to get ready in the morning is pretty much in these pockets. It’s probably abnormal how happy I feel to open my cabinet door and easily grab my lotion or hair spray. It’s the little things in life.




So nothing fancy, but I did want to show you how we updated it. I always like to pass along when something needs amending or altering.



I also got motivated to make things even more organized. I picked up some cute green/blue contact paper from Target as well as this stacking container. You can grab one here. If I go on a road trip and don’t fly, I can load it up with cosmetics and items I need and it’s easy to transport. For day to day, it holds extra items as well as travel size necessities.


Back when these brass plates were on sale at Staples I scooped up a bunch. They are from the Martha Stewart line and they were six for $1. I used them on our stairway gallery wall which you can see here. They easily stick on and add a bit of glam. Always looking for ways to easily dress things up. It just makes it more fun! My girl, Cassie, also used these under her sink!





Feels a little on the personal side showing you under my bathroom sink so I may as well bust out my favorite products to show you. This is by far the best hair spray {according to me!}. I love the “comb thru” style because my hair holds it shape and style, but does not feel stiff or sticky. And I am a huge believer in bronzer. I pile on the sunscreen when we are outside so to get color I use this. It’s by far my favorite. It dries quickly and gives a nice natural tan. {this is in no way sponsored, I just want to share what I like}.



And here is a shot of my keeping it real. My family was outside setting up the volleyball net and I laughed when I looked up in the mirror and saw myself crammed in the corner of my bathtub snapping photos. This is what goes on, people! Anything for the shot! So I snapped away and headed out to play.


So there you have it! My tips and tricks for staying organized under the bathroom sink. We have the same hanging system on my husband’s cabinet and he loves it as well. What about you? Are you nice and organized under the sink or does it need some love.


For more organizing tips you can see my top 10 ideas right by clicking below:




  1. LOL! You are the cutest! :) I went to look for those brass plates when you first mentioned them, but my Staples was not as sale friendly as yours apparently was. LOVE that contact paper - fancy!

  2. I need to do this so badly. That is my favorite hairspray too, the only one I'll use!

  3. I love this post - and needed it!! And the cute paper from Target? I just bought that to line my pantry shelves. <3

  4. great idea, need to get that hanging organizer in my bathroom! thanks for the tip on the products too.

  5. Looks fantastic. Love the shoe organizer. I don't have a lot of countertop space, so that would be awesome. I do have a two tier lazy susan I love, but it isn't always easy to grab things off of.

  6. I soo need to do this! Our under the sink organization is a hot mess!

  7. Looks so good! And what did we do before those bookplates?!?! They are life-changing...and they stick like champs!!! xo

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm working on the kids bathroom cabinet right now.

  9. Looks so good! I'm loving those gold labels, might just need to make a trip to Staples! :)

  10. I'm getting some of those bookplates ASAP. I must have been living under a rock to have missed them. And I love that you use Honest products! We use the diapers for my daughter and love them!

  11. How do you keep the screws from poking through to the other side of the cabinet door? I would love to hang stuff on the inside of my doors, but doesn't it make a hole to the other side?

  12. Oh my goodness! That is the most organized bathroom cabinet I've ever seen! It looks great! And I totally want to try that shoe organizer trick!

  13. Cute! I love a great little organized space. I enjoy getting ready in the morning so much more when all my "stuff" is where it should be. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and tricks, Courtney!

    ~Abby =)

  14. This is a brilliant idea. Our bathroom looks pretty messy with some of the things we kept in the bathroom. I have never really thought about this. I think doing this will actually maximize the space and keep all things in order. This will really be a great help, thanks for the tip!

    - Terracqua.net

  15. I am also quite the OC type and I really like everything to be organized so I think I would purchase these products for my own use at home. It will surely make the bathroom looks good. :)
    - PortableSinkDepot.com


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