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Art Under $20 | Bright Additions to Any Room

I am excited to share some of my favorite sources for art under $20. Often I will design a room and by the time we have spent the majority of the budget on furniture and textiles, there isn’t much wiggle room for artwork. And let’s face it. High end art is very expensive and most of us do not set aside a separate fund for that. Maybe one day! But there are so many gorgeous alternatives and beautiful prints that make a space really pop. Gallery walls continue to be a hot trend and often times they really hinge upon a pop of color or an eye catching piece of typography. Here is a round up of some that have caught my eye. They will soon be appearing in my home or that of a client’s home.





The Paper Wing

I don’t think I need to even say anything. Just darling. And the one below?! The one above would be beautiful resting in a bookcase or hung over an entry way table. The one below is a chic addition to any girl’s room.


The Paper Wing



When creating a gallery wall in a children’s space, I love to mix simple bold prints. These look great in a crisp white frame. This would also look darling resting on a floating white shelf.


laura amiss

I fell in love with these sweet city scenes. Pictured above is Montmarte in Paris. There is a great collection of cities. I always like when you can add a sentimental touch to a room so think about showcasing a place you have lived or traveled to.


pixie pixels

This last etsy shop is a huge favorite of mine because you can get coordinating pieces. It’s worth checking out! And it’s a huge price performer for gallery walls. They do a grouping of botanicals as well! Hidden gem.


awake and away

Sweet prints that say something simple but meaningful. These always look cute hung over a desk or resting on an office bookshelf.


pretty smitten

I have my eye on this for my daughter’s room. Just so dear. I love the feminine flowers.


Laura Casey Shop

And last, but certainly not least, are these gorgeous gold prints. I was introduced to these by Megan and I fell in love. My mantra for the year is, “Make it Happen” so I think I may need one of these beauties.


I hope these serve as great resources for you as you search for art prints to use in your own home. If you have found a great source for under $20, please let us know! Give us the deets in the comments section below.


  1. Thanks for the resources. I want to do a gallery wall in my son's room and this will be a great help :)

    1. You're welcome! Hope they help. I just adore Etsy.

  2. We are redoing every room in our house room by room and this really helped since we are on a budget!

    1. Aren't we all! I love that. Hope you can find inspiration!

  3. I'm with you on the last two and especially love the Make IT Happen one. Might have to find a home for that in my home office! Thanks!

  4. Great resources...thanks! I love the city scenes...pretty sure I walked that street when I was in Paris last January! That flower wreath from Pretty Smitten is just too sweet...perfect for a girls room. Heading off to shop right now...

  5. Great sources, I love the Pretty Smitten one, so sweet!

  6. Always on the hunt for new art resources- thanks for sharing!

  7. Great sources for art and so affordable! The Pretty Smitten print is darling...very sweet and feminine. Make it Happen needs to take up residence above my desk! I bought a Love print in a watermelon color from Made by Girl for my niece. She has some fun art.

  8. Thanks for these great shop recommendations! I need to check out etsy more!

    K.R. Dixon Designs

  9. Loving all of these - and you can't beat the price tag!

  10. love how attainable this round up is - thanks! And I love finding new etsy shops :)

  11. Yikes!! I love each one that you showed. I love using prints instead of high end art collector stuff. I don't actually have a high end to my budget...but I always love to have framed artwork that is meaningful, either for what it says and or that it represents a special trip. I have a poster sized picture of my 2 sons on the mantle that I had framed many years ago. My dad took the photo and had it blown up to poster size and I love it because it's of my children but even more because my dad died 20 years ago and it's a great reminder to all of us of his many gifts and talents. My grandchildren always love to see it because their daddy was only 5 when it was taken and now he is almost 34. Thank you for this post. It really got me thinking of making a few changes around here artwork-wise. Hope all is well with you!

  12. Thanks for these resources! Some of these prints are really gorgeous and I'd definitely love to buy a few! :)

  13. Saw your instagram post earlier this week and just now checking out this list - so great! Thanks for the wonderful resources...I will definitely be using some of these in an upcoming project.

  14. Loving all of these! Especially love Lara's shop. She's SUCH an inspiration and constantly pours out reminders to serve God, love others and do what matters most. Her little girl is so cute, too!


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