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Saturday Shopping: Five Favorites

Popping in late this morning for Saturday Shopping as we were already on the soccer fields by 7:45. A little too early for my taste, but it’s always nice to get the day going early. Although I am in Southern California where the temps are warm, the mornings are so chilly. I was able to wear my new favorite scarf this morning. This is not a just for looks type of scarf. It is wool, large and amazingly warm. The color and pattern had me at hello. While this is a grainy phone pic, it’s a beautiful emerald green and navy.

photo (11)

1. houndstooth scarf

It is already on sale and you can get an extra 40% off with code FUNSALEscarfjcrew

*this link takes you to the black and white scarf. Just type in scarf in search box and you’ll see the the pink one . . . click that. Crazy but it works.


2. Michael Kors Black Handbag


Santa was good to me this year and bought me this purse I had been eyeing. I LOVE that is a bit larger and can hold anything. It’s study enough to handle my iPad and can go with me to see clients. The other thing I love is that it can be worn on my arm or over the shoulder {I don’t like how most purses look over the shoulder . . . but this one is comfy and cute}. It reminds me a lot of the very first Kate Spade black purses. Remember those?


3. Stella and Dot Bracelet

The bracelet is on my arm almost daily. It was a good one to scoop up. A bit edgy & fun.


4. The Perfect Tee {40% off}

Ahhh. So bummed I didn’t get this on sale. But I am going to scoop up two more colors. I have this in white and it’s the best t-shirt ever. It’s  only $16.80 with free shipping. I am not a t-shirt girl at all. Even my hubby commented on how good it looked. It’s soft, drapes really well and is a bit sexy. I have it in a size small {I am a size 2 or 4}.


5. Dreaming of this Gown

No. I don’t own this. But I am dreaming that I somehow have a place to wear this. My girlfriend just pinned this on Pinterest and my mouth flew open. It’s just beautiful. Someone should buy it and then send us photos of you in it at some crazy event {Oscars, anyone?!}

So that rounds out my five favorites on this Saturday. Off to prep and cook for tonight’s dinner as we are having grammy and papa over. Hope you’re all enjoying your day.


  1. Love the scarf and all the fun goodies! The purse is perfect! Ericasrunningjourney.blogspot.com

  2. That gown is stunning! I wish my life were more glamorous!! :)

  3. Beautiful handbag Santa brought you! That gown is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you had a nice family dinner. Family evenings are one of my favorites times. Back to that gown......it is so beautiful.

  4. I love love love the bag! I have been planning to buy a new MK bag, and this one fits the bill perfectly. :)
    The Grass Skirt

  5. Finally ordered the scarf. Have had my eye on it for awhile, but refused to pay full price. Love the MK bag. I have the S&D bracelet and love it. Perfect alone or stacked with other pieces.


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