A Thoughtful Place: Five Ways to Re-think The Closet


Five Ways to Re-think The Closet

Closets! I think they are the most untapped real estate in our homes. I really do. I think that most people are very afraid to transform a closet for fear of losing storage. While I do understand that, I think most of our closets are not really working for us. And I have found that each time I re-purpose a closet, it actually gains us so much more storage. We are not strangers to get crafty with our closets. Here are five more examples of how to turn a closet into a whole new room.




get crafty




I am a sucker for a great craft closet. This is done so well and allows for such great storage. I love the way Traci even used pegboard to add more supplies and everything is easily accessible. Makes me want to bust out a glue gun and get to work!




create a foyer






This was actually shown in the Five Ways to Style a Small Foyer post and you all went nuts. It was pinned a crazy amount of times so I am thinking you all have a need for creative foyer space. Is there a coat closet you don’t need?! Can you remove the doors and slip in a piece of furniture? What a great use of space.




off to the office




A while back we transformed half of my daughter’s closet into a desk space. This has been one of the best decisions yet. The other side is plenty of room for her clothes {plus a dresser in the room}. She absolutely loves creating in this spot and we don’t lose any real estate in her room. It’s a win win for sure.




a mini playroom



Anna at Fe Fi Fo Famma blew me away with this. I am seriously trying to figure out if I can do this somewhere. While this was previously meant for a fireplace, they transformed it into a gorgeous playhouse and loft. What child wouldn’t adore this. She has updated the area and now they even have a mailbox, fresh yellow paint,  and pretty flowers in that window box.




create a book nook



Sarah from Thrifty D├ęcor Chick knocked it out of the ballpark with this book nook. It’s one of my all time favorite posts of hers. Just a cozy adorable spot. Especially love the light and the dress up clothes on the wall.

We are big on re-thinking the closet over here. Besides turning my daughter’s into an office, we also created toy storage for my son {and painted stripes} and created a mini mudroom from a coat closet. I really do think that, when given some thought, closets can add unexpected square footage and purpose to a home. What about you? Any closets begging to be transformed? Are you looking around the house now!?

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  1. I love this! I totally agree! I love that foyer idea. And I created a nook for my little guy too. He loves it - I blogged about it here if interested :)

  2. Fabulous ideas... I love the play room and that book nook the best.

  3. Such creative ideas, especially love the kiddo reading nook. I admit I would be really nervous about losing the storage space, but I think it would force you to get more organized & use what storage space you do have more efficiently. This post is making me consider it ;)
    Home Style Love

  4. Love all of those! Unfortunately, in my 1930's house I need every closet we have for storage!!!

  5. Love all the inspiration! We turned an extra closer into an essentials pantry.

  6. These are all wonderful! I have been toying with turning our guest bedroom closet into a sewing/fabric/craft space for me.

  7. YES- love closet repurposing. The best thing I've done in our house was converting the closet in our basement to a mini-mudroom. Hands down - made such a huge difference in our daily life that after I was done I thought why did I wait so long to do this?!

  8. i love it when people turn a closet in a small foyer into decor space. it always makes the space look bigger.

  9. These are awesome! I love the playhouse, my son would go nuts...never seen that done before. For myself I'd want the craft space. Although I have a craft room, theres still not enough storage, and I'd love a wrapping station...

  10. Love the craft closet! I have one of those, but I really would like to have it be more of a functional mini-office/craft space.

  11. These are all so awesome....I watched the progress of you daughter's room and closet. Gorgeous!!!
    We turned the coat closet in the foyer of our 1980's rancher into a china closet. I have 6 sets of dishes/china, glassware and linens stored in there. We never use the front door, everyone comes in through the garage; so no need to just keep stuff that was no longer needed in the closet....made more sense to put the space to better use. Now I have easy access to my extra sets of dishes, so I use them more than once or twice a year.
    LOVE reading your posts everyday!!!!


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