A Thoughtful Place: How to Decorate: Blog Hop Highlights


How to Decorate: Blog Hop Highlights

Last week I took part in a blog hop hosted by Beth from Home Stories A to Z. I was seriously blown away with the amount of ideas, information, tips and inspiration that the bloggers delivered. Seriously, out of this world. I wanted to wrap it all up here so you could have a nice jumping off point should you want to check them out. It took place over five days and the links are all below. I was really honored to be included as these bloggers got it goin’ on. I think you’ll agree. I need to step up my game.


Day 1

1. Beth, Home Stories A to Z: How to Find Your Decorating Style

2. Courtney, A Thoughtful Place: 5 Gallery Wall Styles

3. Stacy, Not Just A Housewife: How to Decorate with Plants

4. Myquillyn, Nesting Place: Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget

5. Donna, Funky Junk Interiors: How to Turn Worthless Junk into Home Decorating Must Haves


Day 2

1. Melissa, The Inspired Room: The Secret Ingredient Every Room Needs

2. Jessica, Four Generations One Roof: How to Decorate with Container Plants

3. Traci, Beneath my Heart: How to Style a Coffee Table

4. Cyndy, The Creativity Exchange: Tricks for How to Zone in on the Perfect Paint Color

5. Laura, Finding Home: 5 Ways to Personalize Your Home


Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Just so much goodness! Thank you again to Beth from Home Stories A to Z for hosting!


  1. Man, when I see all that gorgeousness from those talented women (you included), I think I need to step up MY game!

  2. Courtney, I truly believe you can hold your own girlfriend. As can Megan!!! I love seeing all the individual personalities come out. Nothing more frustrating than seeing something copied over and over and over again! I truly believe everyone's home should be a unique reflection of who they are and those living there. Regardless of what is hip and in! Same with one's fashion style. What works for some, does NOT work for others. Be true to yourself.


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