A Thoughtful Place: Planning a Much Needed Girls’ Night Out


Planning a Much Needed Girls’ Night Out

There is nothing better than the power of friendship. While some friends come and go with the changing seasons of life, others remain steadfast and create a firm foundation on which to build so many of our core values and thoughts on mommy hood and life. I am so thankful for my girlfriends. There is a particular crew that has been together since before we met our husbands. We conquered the crazy days of being single together and were there when we each met “the one.”


Over the years we have witnessed the birth of eight children combined and gather together as families each year in Big Bear. Whether we chat daily or once a month, the friendship remains. We will all be gathering on Friday to celebrate another Fourth of July together. It’s a long standing tradition and one that we cherish. But with the craziness of life, we need some girl time. Just time for friends to connect. Do you make time for a night out with the girls? Recently, Starbucks reached out and asked if I wanted to enjoy a night out with friends. Um? Yes, yes I do. We can’t wait for our Starbucks Evenings Experience.

SBX20120524_5389 _cc


Really so smart. After 4 PM at select Starbucks you can drop in for wine, appetizers, and delicious pairings. It’s perfect for us as sometimes we just want to hang out, catch up and not go to a crowded bar. Some of their elections include:

o Blue Brie & Apricot Preserves Plate

o Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Balsamic Glaze

o Artichoke and Goat Cheese Flatbread

o Truffle Popcorn

o Chocolate Truffles

SBX20120525_5506 _cc

photos via starbucks

Cheers to friendship and to some of the best mommies I know. These girls are amazing.




Next week we will be able to relax and enjoy some quality time out. I celebrate the best of times with these girls, and depend on them in the worst of times. That’s what friendship is all about. I am looking forward to sharing some fun photos of our #GNO Starbucks Evenings Experience with you! It has the makings of a really great night.


  1. It is so nice to have great girlfriends, they are hard to find!

  2. I love nights out with just girlfriends and what a great place to gather. I am going to find out if any of our local starbucks offer these great small plates with wine!

  3. That was timely...hubby was just talking about Starbuck's offering wine and tastings later in the day! While I am all for the wine, it is soooo hard to eat out being gluten free.


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