A Birthday Wish: A Letter to a Daughter

Today my sweet little girl turns seven. How is it even possible? My husband and I sat down last night and looked at old pictures shaking our heads at how time has flown by. I am so very proud of this sweet little girl of ours. Today, I am taking a break from the normal post and writing a letter to my daughter. Since she now reads, it only seems fitting to write this post directly to her.

Dear Riley,

You are my heart and soul. Since the moment you came into this world, you have had an effect on mommy and daddy that is impossible to put into words. You have smiled since day one and I love the way you go after everything in life with such flare and optimism. I hope that you always allow your wonderful self to shine. Do not let others tell you how to act or who to be. Do not let others let you waiver from your own path. Above all else, do not let anyone make you feel anything other than amazing. You are intelligent, sincere, empathetic, giving, creative, and oh so beautiful. Know that you have been blessed with everything you need in life to succeed and find happiness. This world is an amazing and challenging place. It is yours to savor, navigate, and enjoy. Live each day with a sense of gratitude and life will honor your heart. I will be beside you every step of the way. I will hold your hand, cheer you on, pick you up, and watch you discover all that it means to be you.

rileyshoes     IMG_9935   Looking back over the years. . . . …. IMG_2569 …   IMG_2584Oct_08 094   It is clear that you have so much to offer this world. There has always been something so special about you. I love you and could not be more proud of my seven year old! Happy Birthday, Smiley Riley. You light up my life.                                                                                                                       Love,                                                                                                                          Mommy   To read 10 Things I Really Want My Son To Know Click here!


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    Happy Birthday Riley! This was such a sweet post and letter to your daughter. As an only daughter who is very close to my mom, I love seeing strong and loving mother daughter relationships. I love the encouraging words that she has everything she needs to succeed but that you will be there to pick her up… That's what every girl needs growing up! Beautiful!

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    Dear Riley,
    Grandma Sue could not be more proud of you either! Watching you grow up on Skype has been the joy of my life. You are truly a very special granddaughter!

    All my love,
    Grandma Sue

    P.S. Looking at the pictures your mommy posted, brings back such fond memories. :)

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    Happy birthday to your sweet princess. This letter made me cry. It is soo beautifully written. Love all her pictures. She looks adorable. I hope Riley's day is special and so is yours.

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    Happy Birthday Sweet Riley! I have had the pleasure of watching you grow up on your Mommy's blog. Hard to believe you are turning 7!! You have always had such a sweet smile, and I just know a heart to match. Enjoy your special day sweet girl.

    Courtney, take it all in. It really is true…you blink and that little girl has become a young lady! Can't believe our baby is almost done with her 1st year at Baylor!!

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    Happy Birthday to Riley! What a happy girl she is with the biggest brightest smile. She is adorable. Such a sweet and touching letter Courtney. Have a Happy Birthday celebration today!

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    happy happy day to sweet riley and happy 7th anniversary of being a mom! her path is destined to be filled with love, light and joy. can't wait to see all that she becomes.

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    love this! I have been writing a post titled "letter to my daughter" for months and someday I will be done. I love that in between all the design stuff we get to leave a little mark that someday maybe our kids will get to read as somewhat of a journal of us! Happy birthday to her!!

    House Envy

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    Happy Birthday to your sweet sweet 7 year old!! Riley is a lucky girl to have such an awesome mommy! Hope her birthday is wonderful!

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    Courtney this is such a beautiful letter! Almost brought me to tears. Truly an inspiring family, I hope I have the same love, commitment, passion and dedication for my family when the time comes! Xx Happy birthday Riley

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    Happy 7th Birthday to your amazing little girl with her big bright smile! It a joy to see her everyday :) Such a touching letter to her..Hope her day was special and her year ahead filled with Love, Laughter and Joy. Xo

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    Courtney, I recently started blogging (a few months ago) and just came across yours today through "Honey We're Home". I made it through today's post on wallpapering the closet (which looks great!) but when I got to the letter for your daughter I just had to send a comment. What a wonderful tribute and I'm sure Riley will treasure it always. I have twins who are 5 1/2 and I've decided that this year I'm starting a new tradition of writing them both letters on their birthday each year. It's so much more meaningful than any toy or game could ever be.

    I'll be putting you on my daily reading list for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!



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    Happy birthday to your little lovely Riley. Your note is so sweet and totally brought a tear to my eye. She is blessed to have such a sweet mama. Hope ya'll had an amazing day.


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    we have a 2 month old and this letter is making me so excited to see our baby grow up, but at the same time I'm aching to put pause on everything. you have a beautiful daughter. happy birthday to her and wishing her many more to come :-)

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    Goodness gracious, this is the sweetest thing! I love every word. She's so beautiful already. This girl will not have an awkward phase, I can feel it :) Still need to meet her! Happy birthday R!

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    Oh my! This is the sweetest pot ever written! You are a wonderful role model Courtney. Your sweet girl is so lucky to have you.


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