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We celebrated our daughter’s sixth birthday with a Bake Shoppe party. The inspiration had originally come from my friend, Candace. She had seen a Cake Boss Party done here. There was so much inspiration to draw from. The girls {and our son!} had a wonderful time. I have to say that I am a huge fan of keeping a party small. It was so manageable and allowed us to really enjoy the day with Riley IMG_8777   IMG_8924 IMG_8788   ……….the bake shoppe IMG_8796 IMG_8733 IMG_8901 IMG_8900 IMG_8758 IMG_8746 IMG_8747 IMG_8735   ……….making their hats When the girls first came in, I had them join me on the floor for their first craft. I had ordered chef hats from here. Their names were done with stickers. Tutorial on flowers coming soon. IMG_8750 IMG_8909 ……creating place mats Once the bakers had their hats, they went to the table to decorate their own placemats. A combination of cupcakes, ladybugs, and flowers created a fun place for them to eat their snacks. I used foam placemats found at Michaels.   IMG_8727 IMG_8822 ……………… snack totes I used tote bags pre-filled with snacks for the party goers. I figured it would be easier than filling plates from a buffet. The bags included fruit kabobs, yogurt, blueberry and lemon poppy seed muffins, and a pink dipped cookie. Their milk was served in small mason jars with striped straws. It was a morning party, so I tried to keep the food breakfast-like. The mommies snacked on a strawberry wagon wheel, muffins, and freshly brewed coffee.   IMG_8952 IMG_8829 IMG_8724   IMG_8794 …. ……cake decorating After their tummies were full, it was time to get to the cake decorating! I loved seeing their eyes light up when we placed the white cakes in front of them! The cake stands were made from white Melamine plates from Target and candlesticks. I spray painted the candlesticks lime green before adhering them to the cake plates. Two coats of paint did the trick. IMG_8833 I used the new Duncan Hines Frosting Creations and I was a HUGE fan {not sponsored to say that!}. I could have used far less, however. We used pale pink, violet, light blue, and mint green. I used zip lock bags and simply snipped a hole in one corner so the bakers could squeeze out the icing. They also had an assortment of pastel decorations to choose from. IMG_8835 IMG_8771   I was beyond impressed with the focus of these kiddos. They took their jobs very seriously and really created beautiful cakes. IMG_8841 IMG_8845 IMG_8857   ………….. cake toppers Once they were happy with their masterpiece, I added a cake topper made from two striped straws and their names. IMG_8898   IMG_8892 IMG_8891 I especially love the pile of blue frosting on my son’s cake! Makes me giggle. IMG_8889 IMG_8888 Nothing like watching the shy eyes of your daughter as her friends sing happy birthday. So sweet. IMG_8880 ………. take home treats When it was time to say good-bye to our guests, they went home with this tote bag filled with their hats, aprons, and placemats. I also boxed up their cakes so they could easily take them home to enjoy with their families. IMG_8792 IMG_8966 Thank you so much to Passion for Parties for such great ideas. Riley told us it was her favorite party ever and she even made a mosaic of a cupcake to put in her room so she would remember the day forever {her words!}. Oh, and a special thank you to Grandma Sue for the cake dress worn by Riley and her American Girl doll. Could not have been more fitting. ………..the birthday girl   IMG_8861 Source List and related posts to the Bake Shoppe Party ……………………… ruffled apron post Cake Boss Party Inspiration: Passion for Parties aprons & hats: polka dot tablecloth: HomeGoods mini cakes: Albertsons all printables: DIY using Microsoft Publisher cake stands: DIY Tutorial – Passions for Parties stickers & mason jars: Michaels bake shoppe party invites post


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    You did a spectacular job, Courtney! Everything was just perfect for a 6-year old party girl. I love Grady's cake too – can't tell he loves BLUE, can you. :)

    Grandma Sue

    PS Over here in PA, we're preparing for a spring snow storm!

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    Awww. how sweet, Courtney! Looks like such a special birthday. I love all the details. Placing the little cake candies in coffee filters was a great idea! All of the touches were so thoughtful. :)

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    Seriously, C?!!?! Stop with the cuteness. This is so pretty and fun. She clearly adored it. I love that the cake was basically the kids' favors, as they were able to take them home! Perfect in every way.

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    I absolutely need to do this for Shannon. What an adorable party for Riley! Great job, Court. You are one talented and crafty mama!! And I love that Riley was so appreciative and loved her party. So cute. xxxxoxo

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    It could not have been more perfect. Everything look spectacular…..simply everything. Grady looks do intense. I wish I could have been there.

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    My eyes are on that pile of blue frosting too – YUM! What a darling party Courtney and a fun memory for your daughter. Your kids are adorable!

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    SUCH an adorable theme for a birthday party! Love the mini cakes and how you had them decorate them with the little cake toppers! So many great details. And I thought the small party definitely made it more special for Riley!! xo

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    Oh. My. Goodness. Sooo adorable!! My 6 year old was sitting next to me when I pulled your post up and said she wanted her party to be just like it! The mini cakes are just awesome – were they a lot? I don't think I'd want the task of making them all myself! And those cake toppers?? Genius! I actually have some of those striped straws left over from my girls' "Picnic in the Garden" party last summer ( so we might just have to copy you! Seriously such a great job… it looks straight out of a magazine!

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    What a fun party! Every detail is amazing and Riley looks like she had a ball. She is smiling from ear to ear. I bet she will always remember turning 6 because you made it such a special day for her. I like the idea of just a small group, too. I also love how color coordinated Grady is. His name on his hat matches his shirt and also the icing he is using. Adorable!

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    I just love this idea! You have such a knack for pulling something together with class without making it look overdone! Looks like Riley and her friends (and Grady) had a great time! Such a sweet sweet party! (Pun intended!) 😉

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    This is by far one of the sweetest birthday parties I have ever seen. Do you think my three boys would let me get away with this? :) And my goodness girl, your daughter is one lovely lovely little honey!


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    Oops…I think I just posted my comment on your general party page rather than this post.
    Hi! I'm new here. I am loving your blog! This birthday party is unbelievable! Fresh and beautiful. Your daughter is mighty lucky to have such a great mom helping her to celebrate her birthday. Keep the ideas coming!
    I have just revived my own blog after a long period of neglect. Now that it is updated, feel free to drop by sometime!
    Amy @

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