Be Thankful {DIY Thanksgiving Banner}

We have kept things very simple around here for Thanksgiving. My daughter and I made a quick DIY banner the other night. With brown lunch bags, a black marker, and black ribbon we were in business. Always a nice reminder to ‘be thankful’ so it makes us happy to look at it. DIY paperbag banner a thoughtful place DIY paperbag banner a thoughtful place   I free handed the black letters with a marker. I toyed with busting out the Silhouette to cut them out, but to be honest it would have taken me longer to get it out and plug it in then it did to write the letters myself. The subway art was from last year. I keep my holiday printables stacked up in this frame so when I go to switch them out, they are right there. subway   I had originally planned on using burlap but let me tell you! Brown lunch bags make for a much easier and less messy project. Plus when you have a six year old who is all about tracing and cutting this is a very quick DIY. The new black and white throw below is from Ikea. I have an incurable addiction to stripes and every room must sport them somehow!   DIY paperbag banner a thoughtful place What about you? Do you decorate for Thanksgiving or do you go straight for decking the halls? I would love to know. And if you are one for details you will notice our Christmas tree came down. You can see details on the Home Depot blog. And there are AMAZING posts over there from other bloggers. I was blown away by what I saw. Our tree will make it’s grand reappearance next week! ………. You can see past Thanksgiving table ideas here. Just click on a photo: IMG_5273 IMG_7868IMG_3241IMG_8164


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    You win the smarty pants award! I loved it on instagram & had no idea you used paper bags! Amazing! Love this & had to chuckle about plugging in the gadget. Sometimes it is just easier to do everything free hand.

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    I love this banner – I thought it was burlap when I saw it on instagram! And thanks for the tip on keeping the printable stacked in the frame – duh, why didn't I think of that?! Have a great day friend – i'm off to watch a little Pilgrim sing some songs.

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    LOVE this! I have been wanting to make a banner out of burlap but have been too lazy to go out and buy fabric. I have tons of paper bags, so I might just do this tonight! Thanks for the cute & easy tutorial!

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    Hello Courtney, this is the first time I leave a comment here! I've been following your blog for a while now and I just wanted to say that I love all the posts and ideas! I have a blog as well however, since I'm in Brazil it's in portuguese (my english comes from living for seven years in atlanta).
    Also I started following you on instagram, so you don't think I'm some crazy stalker I decided to say hello and let you know how I got to you! 😉

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