BHG Summer Inspired Dinner

When I picked up the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I didn’t realize it would inspire one of our favorite summer evenings so far. I immediately fell in love with the front cover and wanted to make my own rope vases. The ones shown were made from leftover chair caning. I opted for rope and with the help of a shower curtain, the rest of the table and evening fell into place. Oh, and I am warning you up front. . . hang on for photo overload. 2012-08-05 18.01.34 Here is the June issue I was talking about. See those darling vases. And I loved the whole feel of the setup. Rather than copy the yellow color scheme, went for a more natural look with greens and blues. {Excuse the poor phone photo!} image We were entertaining only one other family and the children would be having their own dinner party out on the patio so this table could be for the adults! So rare! I wanted to keep it super relaxed and casual. I opted for family style dining and was even inspired from the BGH photo of summer spaghetti. I used my own recipe and have posted it below. Also on the table was a pitcher of ice water, white wine, and garlic bread. Doing it this way, we were all able to actually sit for quite a while relaxing and talking. Heaven. 2012-08-05 14.37.45 I layered the place settings using the chalkboard chargers used in the House of Fifty photo shoot. On top I used a large white dinner plate, blue & green napkins, and a pasta dish {from William Sonoma quite a while ago}. 2012-08-05 14.37.59 This table runner is my new favorite addition to our home. I am pretty much in love with it as it ties in so many of the natural elements like the botanical prints on the walls and the organic feel of the pasta dishes. And this table runner is actually a shower curtain from Target! Can you believe it? Quite the find. I just picked it up so I am sure you can find one if you are interested. I couldn’t resist bringing in my little ceramic bird as the fabric also has birds on it. 2012-08-05 14.38.15 My beautiful sister {and Casey Grace business partner} just returned from a month in Spain.  She picked up this darling blue bowl for me and I just love it.  Looks great next to the new vases. I will share deets on those tomorrow. 2012-08-05 17.58.252012-08-05 17.58.47 2012-08-05 18.00.492012-08-05 18.00.012012-08-05 18.00.282012-08-05 18.00.342012-08-05 18.00.41 2012-08-05 18.00.49 Simple Summer Spaghetti {Inspired by BHG} I package of spaghetti broccoli 10 cherry tomatoes {halved} 1 avocado 3 cloves garlic {chopped} red onion {1/4 cup sliced} olive oil 1 lemon While boiling the pasta, heat the two tables spoons of olive oil with onions and garlic in a pan. Let brown. Add the broccoli with one more table spoon of olive oil. Once the broccoli turns bright green add the tomatoes for 2-3 minutes. Drain pasta and toss with olive oil and vegetables. Transfer to a bowl and top with sliced avocado and lemon. 2012-08-05 18.01.05 2012-08-05 18.01.152012-08-05 18.01.57 2012-08-05 18.08.31 2012-08-05 18.03.02 2012-08-05 18.02.07 This was honestly one of the fastest and easiest dinner parties we have ever thrown together. The only new addition was the table runner {shower curtain} and DIY vases. The pasta dishes and white dinner plates are always stacked on our sideboard ready to go. So thank you to BHG for the inspiration! And cheers to long drawn out summer evenings with friends and families. cheers to summer evenings. Posts to other details seen in this space: Striped Drapes, Botanical Prints, Chair Makeover, Chandelier


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    That looks so yummy and absoutely beautiful. Yours actually looks better than the magazine. Great job! Blessings on your week. p.s. My office items arrived – so cute. Thanks again.

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    I absolutely love your table design! I already have chargers & chalkboard paint in the garage – thanks for the DIY inspiration! I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I'm so glad I did. Your home truly is a thoughtful place.

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    Gorgeous table setting Courtney! A perfect summer setting and a yummy healthy dinner. I think I may need to crash your dinner with Natasha and Michaela!

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    I LOVE it! Your table runner has the colors I want to incorporate for our living areas. It's so peaceful. I can always use peace! Hopefully our Target still has the shower curtain. :)Think I'll try the vase idea too. My 10 year old is always asking to do a craft. Might as well do one we can keep for a while. Thanks for sharing your beautiful table.

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    Hi Courtney, I found your blog from your comment and LOVE it! Love the vase, love the room, and love the pictures. I would also love the summer dish but we just got back from 3 weeks in Europe and Italy so I'm sworn off pizza and pasta for a LONG while. I'll surely be back to see more of your lovely posts.

    By the way, I also made an Ikat dish for my office desk that you can see here for only $2.00.


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