The Cave is Complete! Part 1

Do you hear the heavens opening up and angels singing???? You don’t. That’s odd. The sound of “alleluia” is deafening over here. Why? The cave is complete my friends. Can I get a woot woot? We have been living in mad disarray and it has all been worth it. The dust has been vacuumed, the clutter put away, and the Christmas décor now resides in a brand new home which boasts 40 square feet of space. Ahhhh. It feels good. I can’t bear to keep the photos to myself anymore. However, we are EXHAUTED. So the how-to posts and tutorials will follow once I get my energy back.  Here is a sneaky peak!!! IMG_9149 Tiny bit of background. I asked my hubby to bust through the wall to add more storage under our staircase. He graciously obliged and the rest is history. We had planned to make it more of a mudroom, however, my children fell in love with the space and it melted our hearts. {never mind the fact that they have a playroom upstairs . . .they would rather play in a closet!} So we quickly stepped it up a notch and not only does the closet now store Christmas decor , household items we need easy access to, but it is now our children’s clubhouse. Without further ado. Here are the before shots {and FYI, these before shots aren’t even with all of the Christmas décor shoved in the back of the closet. These are kind before shots}.    the mess of a closet before   IMG_9094IMG_9097IMG_9102IMG_9103            the new clubhouse IMG_9167 IMG_9175 IMG_9178 This access door {to the new 40 square feet of storage} has a panel of galvanized metal on top so the kids can play with their letters or put up their latest creations.  The storage space behind the door is carpeted, but we chose not to drywall it. We will be the only ones seeing it when we pull out our holiday decorations. IMG_9156     IMG_9169 Couple of layers of chalkboard paint and now the kids can draw on the walls. I will follow up with an easy tutorial in case you are interested. {and let’s just say my hubby was quick to point out I had painted a parallelogram . . . oops. Easy fix!} IMG_9161 IMG_9158IMG_9166IMG_9172 At first I was going to do some cute hooks on the walls. Then I decided that these 3M hooks give us so much more flexibility as the children grow and their needs change. Now they have a spot to hang up their sweaters when they come in the door. {this closet is adjacent to our garage door} IMG_9157 I love that the white storage bin allows me to store:  (1) things I need easy access to such as light bulbs and swiffers (2)  items the kids need to grab going in and out of the door for preschool and (3) art supplies and paper. The other nifty thing about this cubby unit is that you can adjust the shelves to whatever your needs are. That is rare with many organizational systems. IMG_9159 IMG_9174 And as an update to this project, we added a “You Are My Sunshine” print as well as a shoe organizer to the door. You can read more about that here. IMG_9296IMG_9301IMG_9305IMG_9306IMG_9312   IMG_9168 The part that I love best is that the children LOVE it. They will of course out grow this {sooner than later} and yet we will have this wonderful space to expand our pantry and to convert into more of a mudroom {once they have bigger backpacks and more “stuff!” Until then, I love the sound of them running downstairs to play in their clubhouse. And since it is close to where mama cooks, it’s a nice spot for them to have fun in while dinner is under way. The only thing that officially got kicked out were four coats of ours. We have plenty of space in our closet so it’s no big loss. We bought a spring rod which we can pop in if necessary when we entertain. {living in Southern California equals less coats!} I will post a few tutorials later this week {after a few naps!} In the meantime, here is a list of where things are from {many of them I had already had on hand. I just shopped the house, but I will give you the spot where I originally purchased them}.

shoe baskets:                                Dollar Store {$2.00} already had pink & blue baskets:                     World Market {$3.00 each} white storage bin:                        Target {$40.00} galvanized metal:                        Home Depot {$20.00} pricey for that, but we were TIRED!!!! polka dot pail:                             HomeGoods {$10.00} already had light bulb box:                              HomeGoods {$3.00}

{lamp and flowers we have had for years . . .couldn’t begin to tell you where they are from} Have you transformed anything lately? I know many of you are busy getting organized!!!!! I am sharing this before and after project with:

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    OMG this looks so amazing, It looks like so much fun, so neatly organised. Makes me want stairs lol. I have been busy getting our house Organised. I am really enjoying it, hard work but worth it

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    This is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. I would've loved having a closet clubhouse too :) That really is like the cutest closet on the planet. And I'm glad you got some extra storage, too!

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    That is one awesome transformation lady! You have been a busy little worker bee : ) Love the stripes, storage, and all of the accessories!!!!! What a fun space for the kiddos.

    No fun transformations here : (


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    Great job Courtney! You sorta forget all the hard work when the kiddos start enjoying it, okay maybe not but it makes it well worth the effort. I couldn't tell, is there a door into the space? I'm having a hard time visualizing where it's at.

  5. Anonymous says

    This is amazing! I am trying to convince myself that there are more hours in the day in your home than in mine. 😉 I had a cave as a kid with a secret bookcase door… some of the best memories. I love the look of this, Courtney!

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    Woot woot! That is such an amazing space. Funny, I did hear music. Was that you? Yay, now you can enjoy your hard work Courtney.


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    Oh my gosh!! What a fabulous space. I love your stripes on the walls. I even love how you rolled up your table runners. Not matter what you put there, that area will be practical for many years to come.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Take care,

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    WOWIE!!! It turned out FABULOUS!! Aren't those 3M hook thingys the best? I just discovered them when I used them to put up some Christmas stuff!

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    So – how fun was it to be stuffed in there on your hands and knees taping and painting those stripes?! :) It looks amazing! I love it when people pay attention to closets and places less seen! Good job!

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    Courtney- stop it!!! This is amazing. I bet your kids are thanking you! I know I would've loved a hide out like this! Oh my, the stripes and everything are just so great. What fun! I had a chalkboard when I was little, too. I'd play school…it started with teaching my stuffed animals, then I'd harass neighbor kids to come over so they could be my "real students" LOL. I'm sure they loved me (:

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    You seriously outdid yourself with this one Courtney! I knew you were making over this space, but I had no idea your beautiful vision for it! I REALLY love it! Painting the stripes on the wall was a fun touch and looks like you got perfect lines. This needs to be featured everywhere! Best project of 2011 so far!

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    This is amazing, Courtney! Wow! I love it! You are a pro at those stripes! My lines would never come out that straight. As well as all of the great storage what a fun space for your kids. This should be featured in a magazine. I adore that polka dot bucket as well as your colorful baskets. I'm a sucker for polka dots. Great job!!

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    What a wonderful use of hidden space.
    I wish we had a cave hidden somewhere in the house ; ). You did a wonderful job, yes I heard the chorus…WOOT WOOT!

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    That looks absolutely fabulous!! Great job!!

    If we weren't renting, I would totally make my husband knock out the back of our closet under our stairs and even knock a hole in the bonus room for more storage. There is ZERO in this house and all of my closets are STUFFED!
    Thanks for linking up!

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    So cute!! I bet the children are so proud of their little clubhouse space. I know if I was that age I would love it! I bet they will make so many HAPPY memories there!

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    My table runners will be rolled for storage by this time tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. Now I have an easy way to tell them apart from the tablecloths at just a glance.

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