Chicago Weekend Recap

We spent the last four days in Chicago and enjoyed every minute of it. My kiddos have officially been bit by the traveling bug which couldn’t make me happier. We planned the trip because we wanted to see my cousin get married. It meant a lot for us to be able to go back and be a part of the beautiful day. Life is short and it’s memories like these that are so special. And a huge thank you to my dad’s family for making us feel so welcome. I had spent a good amount of time in Chicago when I was back in college so it was fun to be back in the city. It really is fantastic. The bride and groom had created the most spectacular list of places to go to eat, see, and visit. We held onto that list for dear life and tried to hit as many places as we could. Let’s just say we didn’t hesitate to eat our way through the city.   chicago4 I remember going to the Museum of Science and Industry with my family when I was younger so it was a pleasure to take my children and see it all again through their eyes. I had forgotten how captivating this museum really is. We had a blast and had to force ourselves to leave to make it to our next event!   photo (90) photo (91) On another day, we hit up Shed Aquarium. Thank goodness there was glass between my son and the glorious creatures because as the rest of us were looking up at the shark . . . I looked over to see my son trying to get in to swim with him! Hilarious. chicago2 photo (94)   The weather was quite crisp and cool which felt really great. Here in California, we are still sporting warm temps so it was fun to break out the warm clothes and bundle up with a warm coffee. photo (96) These kiddos are serious troopers and enjoyed walking to places as well. Here we had just come from popping in on my sister and her husband at The Purple Pig {amazing food and atmosphere}. chicago1 Here are my two buttercups standing outside of the church after the wedding ceremony. What I love most is that my son was able to wear a blazer that my brother had worn when he was little. I am a sentimental sap so things like that really mean a lot to me. photo (97) And thanks to my dear ND friend, Carrie, we were able to borrow her trusted babysitter so that the hubs and I could enjoy a date night for the reception. It was all so perfectly planned and beautiful. The bride and groom did not miss a detail. And my husband did not hesitate to bust out the Gangnam Style dance at the reception. I am not joking.   photo (98)   Dubbed as The Cameo Wedding, everything about the celebration was well thought out and executed with so much style and grace. This is a look at the paper that was handed out at the ceremony. The back of the paper boasted silhouettes of each and every person in the bridal party. So clever and so special. wedding1   These keys were all resting on gorgeous pieces of moss to direct guests to their tables. My sister suggested using this as a Christmas ornament to remember the day and that is what we plan to do. All of these touches were designed and carried out by the bride and groom. wedding2 photo And does the beautiful bride resemble Penelope Cruz or what? Even more so in real life. Congratulations Carrie and Ryan. You make a wonderful couple and we couldn’t be happier for you. And thank you to my entire family for making us feel so welcome and loved. Oh, and a huge shout out to my Uncle who created a Chocolate Raspberry Port just for the occasion. It was delivered to all of us in our hotel rooms and was DELICIOUS. Chicago, we miss you already and will be back soon! Have you been to Chicago? Do you love it as much as we do? ……….. And I could not let this day go by without saying that I am proud to be an American and cherish my right to vote. God bless America. source


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    What a great recap…that wedding looks incredible! they've come a long way since I was married 14 years ago!! You guys are the cutest, such stylish travelers! and dang, what I wouldn't give to see R do the gangman!!!

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    I agree with Cassie – such a stylish family! Your family photo is beautiful. I do love Chicago, but have only been a couple of times and feel like there is so much more I still want to see there. Also, LOVE your coat!!! I now want one for our upcoming trip to DC!

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    I am sooo soooo glad you had such a fun time visiting Chicago!! And so sad we couldn't make it work to meet up on Sunday :( :( But am loving all the fun pics you posted and all the sites you were able to take in with the kids. Love and miss you!! xxooxoxo C

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    Such awesome pictures. Your family is gorgeous. Your kids looked so cute all dressed up for the wedding. The bride and groom are cute as well. Chicago is truly incredible. It has such a fascinating history too. I love to look at the skyline in the night when all the lights are on. Thanks for sharing.


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    A beautiful bride, a beautiful couple they are, and a beautiful family you have Courtney. My family is from Chicago. I love that city. I'm due back for a visit soon! How cute the kids look and so sweet that your son wore your brother's blazer. So special. I am a complete sentimental sap myself.

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    Can't get enough of that sweet pic of the littles all dressed up in their best! I was all teary reading that the blazer was your brother's…what a sweet, sweet way to make sure he was part of this special trip, love that! And I'm proud of the hubbs for bustin' out his Gangham Style…takes a real man…(c;

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    Your weekend sounds perfect in every way. Just the thought of your son wearing your brother's blazer brings tears. So glad that the kiddos have the travel bug. Makes it easy (and tempting) to pack up and go at a moment's notice. Would love you have seen the Gangnum style dancing.

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    Chicago is such a great city. Looks like you guys had an amazing time. The wedding looked beautiful! The part about the blazer is so so sweet and touching. And he sure looks cute in it!

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    I lived near downtown Chicago for 3 years after college and will always call that wonderful city " my adopted hometown." Don't get back there nearly enough. Thanks for posting the fun pics of your travels and the beautiful wedding!

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