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So I post today with my head held low. I feel like a fraud! I consider myself pretty darn organized, but boy oh boy has my son’s closet proved me wrong. You see, he is only three. He JUST turned three. So the dresser in his room has held everything he has needed over the past couple of years . . . including diapers and wipes. As a result, his closet has become a place for me to toss things. It hosts items for his soon to be big boy room, clothes that no longer fit, pillows I have grown tired over, a pack n’ play, photo albums . . . .I could go on and on and on! The kid needs his closet back! IMG_1862 I have officially told myself that I can not paint and move on with designing his big boy room until his closet is under control. It’s actually a catch 22. The closet is huge as it runs the whole length of the room. However, that means it’s also super tricky to organized and design as it’s hard to get to things tucked away. {Please ignore how Mickey Mouse, made by Grandma,  is hung way too high. Hubby did it and I didn’t have the heart to tell him . . .now he knows!}   IMG_1867 IMG_1865 I normally jump right into organizing spaces, but this has had me stumped! See how deep it goes back on each side. So we are left with DISASTER! Anyone need two perfectly good flower girl dresses? Those are in here as well. IMG_1863   I was stumped until I saw Jen’s amazing closet redo in her sons’ room! I fell in love with the simplicity of it and that she used an Expedit. I think you all know how much I love those little numbers. Check this out: IHeart Organizing     SO after seeing this, I plan to:

  • Rip out the rods and shelf
  • Use two {maybe three} Expedit shelves which will provide oodles of storage
  • Attach double hanging rods between the shelves like Jen did
  • Paint the inside of the closet

You can read all about the details of this closet project right here. And here is a look at her sons’ room that she has been working on. Isn’t it amazing. See more about it right here. Thanks for the inspiration, Jen! Grady thanks you as well as he now has some glimmer of hope that he will get his own closet back. Stay tuned as I try to pull this one off. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Also, I am really excited about a series I will be running next week called: takefive_thumb …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Starting on June 6th, I will be doing a round up of quick and easy projects. Just right for summer as we are spending more time outside and less time on lengthy projects. Other fantastic bloggers will be participating by sharing with us a project that anyone can pull off. If you have posted about a simple and speedy project that relates to design, organization, or entertaining, you can email me at I plan to post as many fun ideas as I can in the five days!


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    Why do boys always think pictures should go higher than we do? My hubby does the same thing! I just hung a new canvas, and instantly he was like, "I think it needs to be higher"… all I could think was, "of course you do…." It's at the PERFECT height. Eye level. Not too high that you have to look up, and not too low….boys!

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    I'm a recent Expedit owner and I LOVE it. I hope to have pictures posted soon.

    And the husband hanging artwork thing must be so common – my hubby is guilty too but I just recently had the heart to tell him.

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    I love Jen's closet redo! I can't wait to see yours. I'd say I'm pretty organized, too…well, at least with my own stuff (: {my dad would beg to differ, as I always take his work bench stuff and never return it!} But sometimes, closets suffer because no one sees in them! I love the comment about the mickey mouse frame. Guys are so silly when they hang pictures (:

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    Her son's room is adorable. How organized and cute that closet is! We have a small long closet in our master which is impossible to keep organized. Hoping for a walk in one soon! Your Take Five series sounds fun, Courtney!

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    Oh, Jen's boys' room is fantastic- love the Dwell Studio fabric on those pillows! I can relate to the closet- I don't use James' for his clothes either, so it's a bit of a catch all too! p.s. I love your project button!!!

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    Closets are hard, they seem to take on a life of their own. I am always afraid someone might see inside my shameful closets. I am sure yours will be in tip-top shape in no time. I finally finished the playroom and posted it today, come by if you have a chance. Kathysue

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    I am so smitten with your sweet feature today! Endless thanks for the love! I can't wait to see how your closet turns out, knowing you, it will be absolutely divine!


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    Love the inspiration and honesty (c: Yep, I have one (or maybe more, I'll never tell) closets like this and it is so nice when you can organize the chaos! And I am so excited for this series, what a brilliant idea! Heaven knows sometimes 5 minutes is all ya got!

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    Courtney, all of your other pretty and organized spaces make up for one little closet any day. We forgive you,(fraud :)) These spaces really are inspiring!

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    Ha! That's what our office closet looked like until recently. Love the idea of using an expedite!! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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    With all the excitement over Expedit I had to look it up. We don't have an IKEA in our state. The unit in this picture is $60 but it would be $408 to have the one item shipped to me! Gah! The closet looks great but it looks like I will need to find another way to recreate it.

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