Confetti Ice Cream Bowls

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! What’s better than an ice cold treat served up in a confetti bowl?! We were so sad to have to wrap up our Spring Break week. We had a wonderful time soaking up the sun and enjoying unscheduled time as a family. Ice cream seemed like a fun way to end the week! These are so easy to make. In fact, each bowl only took me five minutes. And while they can be used for a million different things, dessert seemed to be calling our name. confettiicecreambowls The inspiration came from this darling card I was sent by Jennifer. It was sitting on our table and suddenly I had the urge to make some confetti bowls. confetticard All you need is some dishwasher safe craft paint and Q-tips. I am a huge fan of the Martha Stewart line of craft paint. The Q-tips are key for the perfect size polka dot. I simply used a different one for each paint color. IMG_8307 My white bowls came from here. {I think there is free shipping right now}. They are an ideal size for ice cream, cereal, and soups around here. We love them. I still have an all white set and now have a fun colorful set for special events and holidays. confettiqtip Just be careful not to touch the sides of the bowl as you move around the edge. I did one paint color all the way around and then switched to the next. Seriously, a five minute project. The paint is non-toxic but not food safe, so always stick to decorating the outside of your bowls or the rim of dishes. confettiandwaffle icecreambowl With all of our birthdays coming up, I think they will be a fun way to make our kiddos feel special. I  may even make a little set of dessert dishes. Wrapped up with a bow they could be a really fun gift to give. IMG_8382 IMG_8385 IMG_8388 confettibowlandicecream Are you hungry for ice cream now?! These really are easy enough to make that if you have little ones you could make it a fun project. They would make for a very colorful Eater table when dessert rolls around. Cheers to happy bowls of ice cream and to a great week ahead. {Cute cake stand is a HomeGoods find}. I must have a thing for confetti. I made gold confetti glasses here.   A big thank you to the editors of Martha Stewart Living for providing the paint as part of the #12MonthsofMartha program! Idea and opinions are mine. Always.


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    This might be one of the cutest DIY's I've seen in a long time. And, the colors are perfect for spring! Thanks for sharing. :)


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    Cutest ice cream bowls Courtney! Those colors make me happy! Those cookies…I think I have you to thank for introducing me to those. They are yummy!

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