Custom Upholstered Headboard

Some of you may remember that I scored big time at a local Target store in finding a very pretty white upholstered headboard. Someone had returned it and I happened upon it just at the right time. I posted about it here. Well! I also told you that there was more to the story. You see, when we went to disassemble our sleigh bed and put in our new bed we discovered it didn’t fit. WHAT??? The saleslady at Target swore up and down that it was a queen. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You should have seen the look on my face as well as my husband’s. I had just made the man spend an hour strapping this puppy to the top of our car late at night to bring home. Needless to say, this couldn’t be happening. So I took a deep breath and thought that maybe I would have to give it up and let my five year old daughter enjoy this pretty new bed. She has a full size mattress. But when we took it down to her room, it was too big for her mattress. Honestly, I felt like Goldilocks. One bed was too small and one bed was too big. Long story short, there was no way I was letting this go. So with the help of my hubby, we devised a plan to make this a custom, one of a kind headboard. IMG_2210 copy ………………………………..solving the problem   We lucked out as the wingbacks could detach from the other section of the headboard. We took the screws out and set the bed in place. Here is a photo of it showing the gap that existed on each side. Oh, my! IMG_7886 So we set out to basically upholster two sections. We would upholster and insert one section on each side. I decided that going the white velvet route might not pan out.  I was worried it wouldn’t match exactly and could cause this to go down hill. I chose  gray as of way of being very intentional. I figured I might as well take the custom look all the way. I ordered a gray duck fabric from Calico Corner {Robert Alan}. IMG_7883 My husband carefully measured the gap on each side and realized stacking two pieces of wood {and drilling them together} would create the perfect piece to upholster. IMG_7901 Next, we traced the foam to perfectly match the wood. All we had to do was cut a double layer of batting and break out the staple gun. IMG_7905 Very simple project. Wrapped the fabric around all of the padding and we were good to go. IMG_7907IMG_7908 The hubs then used these brackets to secure the new piece to each side of the bed. Worked very well. Smart guy, that hubby of mine. IMG_7909IMG_7910 And voila! A custom, made to fit headboard! This little project only set us back about $30. IMG_7911 ………………………………..changed my mind! IMG_7913 IMG_7945 And after all of that, I actually ended up changing my mind. I thought the dark gray was just too dark. It jumped out at me a little more than I wanted it to. So it was off to the fabric store one more time where I picked up the same fabric, but in a lighter shade of gray. I think it has a softer look now which is more in line with the style of the bed. And here are some shots of the space taken by Jylare. I love her. CASEYgrace7CASEYgrace17 So that is the story of our custom headboard. I wasn’t letting this one go. We had scored the bed for $150 and the “fix” cost only $40. All in all, not too shabby for an upholstered headboard. If you are interested, you can see the post on my custom drapes here as well as a post on my little jewelry nook. 2012-03-26 And I want to thank all of you for such a warm and wonderful response to yesterday’s post about the launch of Casey Grace Design. I can’t thank you enough. We are so very grateful. Sharing this story with: Home Stories A 2 Z The Shabby Nest Primitive & Proper


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    You are incredibly talented b/c I would of never thought of that solution! That looks even better than the plain white headboard! I love it and now I want to trade my traditional rice bed for a custom headboard. We have an old (really, really old) mattress and it would be motivation to buy a new mattress and made a custom headboard. Oh the plans I have in my head…

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    I love the whole story – it just totally proves – where there is a will there is always a way! You rocked this solution and I love it more with the addition of the grey – makes it look totally custom! High five girlie!

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    Your blog has been such a source of inspiration for me. I just finished updating our master bedroom and used some of your ideas. I had bought those same IKEA drapes but felt they needed something and was so stumped. After your seeing your blog, my mom sewed some similar drapes. Thank you!

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    Now THAT is one way to make lemonade out of lemons. Such creativity…love it! And congrats on your new design launch. Its wonderful that you and your sister will get to work together on what you love most.

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    So pretty! Can you tell me what the name of the paint color is you have used in your bedroom? It is a really pretty color blue.

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    I am so amazed at the talent I see here!! I only wish I could think of half of this stuff let alone DO it!! I love the headboard! It does look so much better with the gray!!! All of your house looks simply amazing!!!

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