Deal Alert and Keeping it Real

Today’s post is all over the place. So I apologize up front. We are sort of a hot mess over here. While valentines have been crafted and teacher gifts are tucked away and ready, it’s not so pretty in the rest of the house. Our sweet six year old is sick and the week has come to a screeching halt. To all the mom’s out there who are or have been tending to sick ones, know you are not alone. The laundry is piling up, beds are destroyed, the fridge is bare, and that’s all okay with me. I think a sick little one is a  gentle reminder to slow down and just hold onto the ones we love. We have been reading up a storm and cuddling in between naps. And if she would rather throw all of her blankets on the floor and sleep on top of a sleeping bag, so be it. Oh, and yes. My son did in fact add two flowers to his tree wall in the photo below. I am okay with that, too.   r_room groom And a few shout oust are in order today. First and foremost, thank you to my girl, Moira, who reminded me that I have yet to give an update about our master bathroom project. We have not dropped the ball entirely. Although it might appear that way. We are in the middle of meeting contractors. If you are in the Southern California area and LOVE one you have worked with, please don’t be shy about shooting me an email with the recommendation. And Moira, I will keep you posted on our progress! … OB-Court's Bathroom The next shout out is to my dear friend, Sheila. She is hooking all of you up with this tidbit. She texted me that the Martha Stewart brass plate labels are on clearance at Staples. Well, hello! They are normally $4 for six and are currently on sale for $1. I basically begged my hubby to come home early so I could go grab a few. Maybe I grabbed ten packs. I am not really sure. In any event, thank you, Sheila! … labels … Another shout out to Cassie for the great idea for sweet treats for the kiddos’ teachers. I whipped up some cupcakes and have our jars ready to go. You can see all of the details here. Yummy. … Lastly, I did a little something for myself. Which I never ever seem to do these days. I hooked myself up with my first ever shellac manicure. Not gonna lie. I am loving it. And I was inspired by Megan to paint the ring finger a different color. … I am now going back to cold compresses on my daughter’s sweet forehead and reading books. It’s where I am supposed to be right now. And I feel crazy blessed to be able to take care of her. And to the mommies who feel like a wreck this week, I feel you. And we’ll get em’ next week!


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    I hope your daughter feels better soon! And thanks for the heads-up on the Martha Stewart lables. I just used those on a recent bathroom organization project – they're great! Looks like I will be making a quick dash to Staples after work to see if there are any left.

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    Ohh, this was us a few weeks ago! You're right, it is our bodies' way of telling us to slow down. Although I know you'll be glad to be back on track as I was, enjoy the extra snuggle time;)! take care…

    oh, and might just have to sneak over to Staples now too!! thanks for the tip.

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    Hope your daughter is healing quickly and back to normal in no time! We passed a stomach virus around our family of 5 for over a week and I'm still playing catch up on the house! That's ok…the chores are always there, but the kids are only young once. Thanks for keeping it real with us!

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    Oh girl I feel your pain! We have been going through weeks of sickness here. All three kids have had norovirus TWICE in the past month and now my 10yr old woke up with a fever and stomach ache this AM. *sigh* so my house is now 4 weeks into the dirty zone and Im about to pull my hair out! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and just enjoy the snuggles- my house can wait.

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    Praying she feels better soon! Hope she doesn't miss Valentine's. Maybe a classmate can gather them for her. Might be a good pick me up tomorrow afternoon. And yes, some days are better spent on the floor in a pile of blankets and random pillows!!! Actually…that sounds really good right about now.

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    Aww. Poor thing–I hope they start feeling better! Not fun. And my house looks kind of like that right now and I don't have kids–haha–what is my excuse?! I heard joyce meyer say once that sometimes she just has to say "oh well"….and that is exactly what I am doing. haha. My mess will be there when I am ready to pick it up! Yall enjoy lots of popsicles and tv. :)

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    I hope she's better quick! How cute your little guy added those flowers! :) Thanks for the shout out- your nails look gorgeous and should stay that way for about 2 weeks if you don't start peeling the polish off! (which I've been known to do) :)

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    Hi Courtney! I'm Erin from Sunny Side Up and just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I found you from Megan or Jen (can't remember!) and have loved reading some of your past posts. Especially your master bath redo! We are building a house right now and are putting quartz throughout most of it. I didn't realize you lived in southern California! I'm in San Diego and LOVE my contractor. I can talk to him and see if he does remodels too. Let me know if you would be interested! (I'm not sure where in Southern California you are) Here is my email:
    Here is the last update I posted on our new house progress:
    And hang in there with the sick kids! My kids have been so sick lately too and my last post was also a "keeping it real" one! :)

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