Design Rewind: Build a Room Around a Pillow

Hi all! I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a design rewind today. I am asked all the time about where to start. How do I begin a room makeover? What do I do first? Here is the deal. Whether you are a designer or a homeowner baffled with the process . . . the beginning is the same. You need a source of inspiration for a space. I posted this gorgeous pillow on Instagram recently and so many of you loved it. It really is a striking fabric and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. That is an inspiration piece. You must LOVE your foundation in order to love what grows from it. So. A pillow. Let’s begin with a pillow. designrewindone   From this beautiful pillow came this design for a space. The feel of the pillow is light, airy, and feminine. The room should follow suit. OB-floralpillow With retail stores, Etsy and local discount spots . . . it is very easy to find a pillow that is dreamy. How about a design rewind to show you how it was done.     choosingpillows Once you have your pillow in hand, it needs to travel with you everywhere. Hopefully it has a zipper enclosure so you can slip the cover off. I fold mine and place them in a zip lock bag they stay clean. Little tip. Keep it in your purse while shopping! You need two more pillows to create a beautiful effect. You’ll want to stay in the same color palette but choose two different prints. HINT: A floral pillow is always a good jumping off point so that you have many colors to choose from. It sort of ties a room together. If you are scared of floral. . . give it a try. I promise you won’t regret it. A good rule of thumb is that you want the scale of the prints to be big, medium and large. They will blend and not compete. designrewindrug Once your pillows are chosen, choose a contrasting color for a rug. Stick to more pattern and look for pattern and texture on a drape. A simple trim can do the trick if you are not really confident with your ability to pair patterns. I love a bold stripe and think it works well with all types of prints. It’s classic and safe.     OB-floralpillow Then the fun comes in! I bring in accessories and furniture that fit the feel of my inspiration piece. That will keep a room cohesive and beautiful. I always love white bedding and think it lends itself to allowing your fabrics and artwork to shine. I love the green lamp. The lime green was pulled from the floral fabric and is a really fun, unexpected look for a lamp. All rooms need that. So that is how I designed a room around a pillow. I hope that it gives you a little more confidence to do the same the next time you are in a store and fall in love with a pillow. ………………………………………. And I can not let today go by without wishing my amazing brother a happy birthday. We will be celebrating you all day. Your life, your love and your legacy. We miss you deeply.


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    Hi Courtney! I love how you pulled this look together. Thank you for sharing the process. The mirrored table is lovely and just what I'm needing for our master bedroom renovation. Would you mind sharing the source?

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    I bet every Home Goods and T.J.Maxx will be devoid of those beautiful pillows once your blog reaches the masses today! :)
    Thoughts and prayers are with you on Tim's special day.

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    I love how you explained this. When putting together my daughter's nursery, I fell in love with a print I framed for her. All the accessories I chose were because of that print.

    Thoughts are with you and your family on this day.

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    Thinking of you and your family today my dear. XO I want to move right in that room you put together. Great tips on pairing patterns. I always tend to question myself when doing so but your tips really help. Florals are so lovely for spring!

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    I love floral pillows but my husband is not a fan, says it's too girly! Have you found any tips for sneaking a floral pillow into a room that is a little more masculine and/or for getting a husband on board with floral? Love this post!
    Home Style Love

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    Loved this post! Thanks so much for the tips! Can you share the source for the mirror you show? I have been on the hunt for something just like this. Thanks!

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