Dining Room Chair Makeover

Well it has only taken me months to make a decision on my dining room chairs! I posted about what fabric I should use. I took all of your advice and bought this fabric. I then bought two more after that. I have a very nice selection of green fabrics in various patterns! Oh, boy. And after purchasing all of these fabrics, it finally hit me that I wouldn’t be happy unless I did something very neutral. I realized that with how much I love entertaining and setting tables, I really wouldn’t be happy unless I kept the color to a minimum. So after months of purchasing fabrics, bringing them home, and not loving anything . . . I went with the old standby. The drop cloth. I am pretty darn proud of them so beware. . . photo overload! IMG_4705 I am really happy with how they turned out and appreciate the contrast with the dark wood table. They started out as very sadly painted chairs {they were my very first DIY straight out of college}. The chairs were handed down to my sister and then passed on to me. I love that they have a history and have had many lives. I knew I wanted to give them a new life. The plaid was what I had used many many years ago. Then they sported some floral chair covers for years. IMG_0057 IMG_0056 IMG_0059 Do you see that egregious crackly paint job! Ha! What was I thinking? Now you know why they were masked in floral goodness for so many years. I originally posted about them here. Step 1: I removed that chair cushions and sanded the heck out of the chairs Step 2: I painted the chairs using a cream colored Rustoleum paint. Step 3: Recovered the cushions. IMG_4679 Cut a generous amount of fabric so that it is easy to pull tightly and staple on to the frame. IMG_4681 After cutting four pieces of fabric, I ironed each one. IMG_4685 I have an unusual fear of staple guns, so my very wonderful hubby endured the pain of stapling all four chair cushions for me. Thanks, honey! IMG_4686 IMG_4725 IMG_4689 The jewelry I added is from here. I have been hanging onto these cute pulls for so long and am thrilled that they are now on the chairs. I used them in my son’s room as well which I will show you soon. IMG_4727IMG_4730 IMG_4742 IMG_4732 IMG_4733IMG_4737IMG_4741 I will show you later in the week how I solved the problem of my messy three year old on these newly covered chairs! It may have taken me a very long time to get these babies finished, but I am thrilled with how they came out. What about you? Are you taking your sweet time on a project these days? Sharing the Chairs with: Between Naps on the Porch My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia


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    Smart move considering your love of entertaining. It won't trap you into a colr scheme or look really a.w.k.w.a.r.d.! Lol.

    I can't wait to see what you do with the little chair jewelry…but it's sure to be cleverly spectacular.

    You really want me to tell you about my on-going, or should I say on-pause, projects? How long of a comment is legal?

    It's embarrassing, really. I mean, you'd think I was busy or something. Ugh. 😉

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    You and your hubby did a beautiful job on the chairs! I think going neutral was the perfect choice. You can have fun with different colors in linens and your tablescapes. Great choice! Your table looks beautiful, Courtney, with your autumn runner and pumpkins.

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    LOVE this!! You have inspired me! I want to recover my kitchen chairs and I got a old dining room chair that I am wanting (needing) to paint and recover for an office chair! I will be going to the fabric store this week=)

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    It is so fantastic when you can finally get a project all completed, isn't it? (c: Especially when it turns out so fabulous…and I have to ask, how did you get the pulls on there without having a screw on the other side??? Whatever it was, totally brilliant, because that is the perfect little touch of shiny for those chairs (c:

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    They look FABULOUS! Of course, this version of the chair is by far my favorite, but it's fun to see the others along the way. And we need to start an "unusual fear of staple guns anonymous club." I have one too — imagine my fear when my husband brought home an electronic one! Yikes!!

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    Our breakfast room chairs are a mess – I bought them second hand and have lived with them that way for over a year – it's the picking of the fabric that's holding me back

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    Looks so great, and I think that was a really smart move to keep it simple for your table settings change. I'm so loving those ring pulls – really want some!

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    You know how I feel about drop cloth 😉 Your chairs look great and if they happen to get stained the cost is minimal to recover them. The hardware is the perfect finishing touch.

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    The chairs look incredible! Love the details! And I have always been such a fan of chairs being a different tone than the table and you show a real life example of how to pull that off perfectly! Love it!


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    I can see that you are are genuinely passionate on making a make over on your chair. I appreciate the the effort you have put in posting the detailed instructions! Keep it up!

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    These are beautiful and I love the hooks!!! Thanks for sharing this inspiration!! I'm about to make slipcovers for 2 wing chairs with drop cloths and for some reason I've been feeling so intimidated about this project so it's taken me ages and ages to tackle it! Hopefully I'll like them even half as much as I love your chairs!!! Great job!!!

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