DIY Brass Frames: HB Knock Off

While I love to browse through Pinterest and other online sources for inspiration, nothing compares to thumbing through my favorite shelter magazines. Recently I spotted two projects I wanted to knock off. The first is something I saw in House Beautiful. It was actually an image from Baker Furniture {The Barbara Barry Collection}.

IMG_7668 IMG_7664

Snapped the above photo with my phone so I apologize for the quality. Do you see those frames? I LOVE them. I had just completed a DIY brass side table and knew I wanted to repeat the brass finish in a couple more spots so it really felt at home in the room. I have similar frames in my living room already . . . I just needed to add the brass corners. My first thought was to spray paint each corner. But then if I ever changed my mind, I would be stuck with the frames sporting some serious brass. So it occurred to me that I could actually spray the painters tape! Great for two reasons. I can remove it if I ever want to AND it is somewhat textured so it gives off more of a gold leaf effect then if I had just painted the smooth frame. Apparently, I checked my brain at the door the first go around. Do you see what I did there? I actually stuck the painter’s tape to the newspaper. Good one, Courtney! Really good. So that whole thing went out with the trash.

IMG_7609 Ahhh! Much better. I elevated the tape so it wouldn’t stick to the newspaper. Actually super embarrassed about this mistake. Oh well. Live and learn. IMG_7630

While that was drying outside, I marked off my corners. I used 2 3/4 inches as my measurement {just eye balled how much gold I wanted}. I made a pencil line where the tape would need to end.


Lay the tape very gracefully on the frame and be sure to overlap the edges. I used a width of tape that exactly fit my frame edges. Worked out great.


Because I had the tap overlap the edges, I could carefully snip where I needed to and fold the tape down to cover all of the inside black edges of the frame.


The nice thing about using tape is that you can move it if need be. It’s super easy to work out any creases as well.






I wish you could see them in person! They have such a pretty sheen at night {above photo} but it’s tough to capture. So my magazine copycat project number one is done! And the frames are a nice compliment to this little number:



IMG_2499   IMG_2514 IMG_2518

For a tutorial on how I lengthened these drapes click here.


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    Ok- this is genious! I absolutely love this idea! I also have this magazine and loved these frames. And now whenever you want to change out the look, you don't need to buy new frames to do it! You are my hero! :)

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    I actually noticed that ad too! I love what you did! I might attempt it… not sure I could get straight lines like you did! your frames look wonderful!

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    I know I already posted, but just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring this project tomorrow on my [so cheap, so easy] series. Love it! I'll link back to your original post.

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    Beautiful! It's amazing how that little detail adds so much character to your walls! Great idea with painting the tape! I just saw a tut where they used gold leaf, but this looks just as nice and its much easier! Totally doing this with my ikea frames :) Thanks!

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    I am working on a gallery wall and wanted gold tips on my frames. I LOVE this idea of using painters tape instead of actually spraying the corners of the frame. You made my life SO much easier today as I approach this project! THANKS! :)

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    Fabulous DIY! I saw these on your Instagram feed and had to come check out the DIY. This couldn't be easier. It's now on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great, ingenious idea! I've been trying to figure out what to do with a frame that needs to "go with" but not match gold frames in my dining room. And you provided the answer. Thank you!

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    Hi Courtney, I love the way you decorate and have found that we have a lot of similar tastes. Can you tell me what size picture frames you used to add the gold touches to and also where you bought the frames? I have found some on Pottery Barn's site but they are quite expensive. Not sure I have to spend that much money.

    Thank you, and keep up your wonderful work!

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    Thanks for sharing your tips. I am going to try it on my Disney frames. I love your honesty….you know it would have been real easy to leave that mistake out. Kudos to you!

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