DIY {Chalkboard Tablecloth}

It was fun sharing about our Beer Tasting Party yesterday. I received so many emails asking about the tablecloth so I thought I would share my little secret today. I heard a little rumor that you can buy chalkboard cloth. That sounds pretty amazing. But I am one of those who likes to make do with what I have on hand. Plus, I like the idea of keeping costs low when it’s an item that can get ruined. I wasn’t up for buying three yards of chalkboard cloth. IMG_8320   ………………………………DIY Chalk Table Cloth To make this chalk tablecloth I simply used the Ikea paper roll { two pieces that were 7 1/2 feet long each } and sprayed them with chalkboard paint. Let me warn you though, it takes a bit of time so be sure to wear a mask if you take this on. Also, you will need two coats to create a nice even finish without any blotches. IMG_8274 IMG_8275 We were all out of gloves which I normally wear to protect my hands from paint so I improvised and it worked pretty well. IMG_8277 In an effort to keep things real. . . sometimes DIY isn’t pretty. After spraying these strips of paper in the garage, there was a major amount of black residue on the floor. I literally had to crawl into the house on my hands and knees to get to the sink in order to wash off my feet. Quite the sight. I highly recommend spraying outside on the lawn with a drop cloth { as long as it’s not a windy day}. IMG_8312 Once they dried, I taped them together on the back side and then used painter’s tape to tape the tablecloth to the table on all four corners. That was enough to keep it in place. To create the four circles I simply traced a cup upside down. I used the chalkboard pen for the four tasting stations so they would not come off easily. The rest of the writing was with normal chalk. IMG_8295 My second piece did not turn out as nicely as the first, but my hubby was quick to remind me that once the table was covered with the food and the chalk drawings  no one would notice. He was right. IMG_8329 What I really appreciated about this project was that it only cost $5.00 {the cost of spray paint} and I could roll it up and toss it in the trash once the party was over. It didn’t matter what we spilled. My kind of party tablecloth. I have one more chalkboard project to show you soon. I am back on my chalkboard kick. Somebody stop me!   Sharing this idea with My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia Home Stories A 2 Z


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    such a cool idea! oh how neat it would be to have it for a kid's birthday party. maybe w/ different color chalks? or to draw out little cartoon portraits at each place setting to resemble each child, sounds like this has many possibilities, thanks for the link, never knew it existed, will spread the word around. love watching what you do, always inspirational.

    Cindy Sue

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