{DIY} Gold Polka Dot Paper & Linen Closet

I recently tore apart my linen closet to create a much cleaner look and make space for guest essentials. It is so much easier having everything that our guests might need in one spot. I shared all of the details with how I did it as well as the before and after with Jen over at I Heart Organizing. Today, I am going to show you how I created the gold polka dot backing to the cabinet.  …………………..{DIY} Gold Dots DIY Gold Dots from A Thoughtful Place I was actually inspired by Caitlin Wilson’s gorgeous gold dot pillow. I love all of her fabrics and I have a serious crush on the gold dot. I really wanted to somehow replicate that look for my linen closet. It was a really simple project that only required three things: {1} piece of foam board {2} a dot stamp {3} gold stamp pad. Step 1: Cut to Fit: The first step was to measure the inside of the cabinet and cut the foam to fit. The thickness of the foam board made this project really easy to install once completed. IMG_1128 Step 2: Make Your Own Stamp: I was actually under the weather when I worked on this and didn’t want to leave the house. Luckily, I had a gold stamp pad from my Christmas gift tags and a piece of foam board that I sometimes use as backdrops for photos. All I needed was a stamp! I tried using a potato and that was for the birds {many homemade stamps are from potatoes but it didn’t work for me!}. I scoured the house and found a package of winter stamps my mother in law had given the children. One was a tiny snowflake . . . that wasn’t the important part! It was attached to a red circle that was the exact size I needed. The red circle is made out of foam, so you may want to try picking up a piece of craft foam to make your stamp if you tackle this. In order to really get a good stamp, I needed a handle so I super glued a wine cork to the stamp. Ta-da!   IMG_1127 Step 3: Stamp in Even Rows: I eyeballed my rows and just made sure they were evenly spaced. It really did not take longer than 10 or 15 minutes. The cork ended up coming loose from the stamp as I went along {I think because of the moisture from the stamp pad} but it still did the trick and hung on long enough for me to complete my board. IMG_1130 Step 4: Remove Shelf and Add Board: I was able to remove the shelf and simply place the foam board in the back of the cabinet. Putting the shelf back in holds the gold dot backing in place. If you can not remove your shelves, then I would just make individual panels and adhere them to the back with Quake Hold {that stuff rocks!!}. IMG_1131   IMG_1196 IMG_1165     IMG_1205   Now we are ready for when guests come to town! Towels and anything they may have forgotten are readily available. Thanks to Caitlin Wilson for the fun gold dot inspiration! linen4 The pretty gold shimmer was a bit difficult to capture on film, but they really add a fun element to the cabinet. To see before and after photos as well as details of the linen closet, you can hop over to I Heart Organizing.


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    Courtney, your blog is speaking my language this week! I was on the fence about doing a gold and silver dot treatment on the inside of the office closet walls…after seeing this gorgeous closet, I'm going for it!

    I also grew up in the salinas/monterey bay area, so reading your post about your recent trip brought back great memories :)

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