{DIY} Gold Polka Dots | Using Decals

So so excited to show off my daughter’s new gold polka dots today. If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen the in-progress shot. She was with me every step of the way and is so proud of her new wall. This room is still slowly coming along so I can not share the whole reveal yet, but promise it’s coming. We have a couple of more surprises up our sleeve. But without further ado, here are the new gold polka dots in the tangerine bedroom! diygolddots Here is the wall before with my favorite little helper measuring out the spot for the dots. I think standing on her bed was her favorite part! rghelping The duvet cover is from Pottery Barn Teen. They are one of my favorite sources for bedding. They always carry fun, vibrant patterns that work well as children grow. This duvet was actually the inspiration for this entire space. And if you like it, it is now on sale for a screaming deal. IMG_1923   When I go with such a vibrant pattern for the duvet, I skip the matching shams and stick with a more subtle motif. We are still working on the larger pillows, but I love this monogram pillow {also from PB Teen}. monogrampillow   … monogram …   Here is a shot of that whole side of the room. You may remember the closet office we made for our daughter. That is just to the right of this shot behind the closet door. The nice thing is that she can leave it open or close it depending on her mood. I just wish I could have captured the pretty shimmer of the gold dots. They are definitely a challenge to capture on film. polkadotroom   … golddots   The love print, made by Jen over at Made by Girl, was originally in our master bedroom. Sweet girl talked me into moving it into her room and I think she was right. dotsonwall   The striped dresser is a DIY project I did here. It is an Ikea dresser that I just dressed up with some gray stripes and new hardware. I am a big fan of the stripes against the polka dots. IMG_1925 When Urban Walls contacted me about their product I knew immediately that this room would be perfect. The decals are really quite easy to use. They go on more like a paint than a plastic decal. For that reason, the gold dots look more painted on rather than vinyl stickers that I have used in the past. The most time consuming part was using a level and a pencil to mark dots ten inches apart. The rows are five inches from one another and the dots are ten inches from one another. Hope that makes sense. My suggestion is to start with the top row and tape them to the wall to experiment with your layout. I used washi tape to stick them to the wall {prior to peeling the backing away}. That allowed me to make sure the spacing was correct and that I like the pattern. polkadotaccentwall   Once I had measured {using a level the entire way} and placed a mark with a pencil for each dot, it only took about 35 minutes to peel, place, and rub the dots into place. My daughter loved being my assistant. We cranked up Pandora and opened the windows for the breeze. The cutest part was watching her lay down on the bed and stare at her new wall once we were done. tangerinepolkadots I am a huge fan of Urban Walls and their cute products. You can check them out here. And stay tuned as I think I will be doing a giveaway very shortly! …………… And hopefully we can get cracking on the rest of this room so I can finally show you it in its entirety! If you missed any of the projects in this room so far you can click below. Have a great Monday!! closet office using wrapping paper as wallpaper painting the ceiling  new lamp shades  


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    I am in love with her room! I agree with toning down the sheets when you do a bright duvet! I'm also obsessed with white sheets now for the ease of washing and replacing when needed!

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    Wow the room looks fantastic! I can't wait for the final reveal if it already looks this awesome. I'm thinking about using some sort of gold decals if baby#2 is a girl (we'll know in less than 2wks!) So much inspiration!

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    Beautiful room Courtney! Love the addition of the gold polka dots, fun but a bit sophisticated. The room will most certainly grow with her. And, I think Riley is following in her mother's foot steps!

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    Such a pretty room!! I love how you used the patterned colorful duvet and went neutral with the pillows, it makes it interesting to look at, but not to overwhelming. I love the colors you used, they go so well together as well as the polka dot decals. Way to go on the decals, I don't think I'd have enough patience for that.


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    This is absolutely *divine*…I love the idea of the polka dot wall for a nursery (since that's what's on my mind lately…)! And I mostly love that you and the sweet girl got to do this project together, those are the best ones (c: I can't wait to see the big reveal!!!

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    I love her room! I've been thinking of how I would like to redo my soon to be 9 year old's room, I can't keep it the way it is forever, and I LOVE the color combo your daughter has in her room. By any chance, do you have a formula for her ceiling color? I know you mixed a few to get this shade, and would love to know which colors you used.

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    Love it! The bedding is gorgeous, I never considered not using the matching shams until a few mos ago. The monogrammed pillow is adorable and that chandelier!

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    Love this – you did such a great job. Fun, chic and simple all at the same time. Just came across your blog and look forward to going through it!

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      I also would love to know if these are the small polka dots or the polka dot pattern as Urban Walls do 2 kinds and I really like the look of the ones you have used in this room.
      Thanks so much!

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    I love this room and your blog. I found it whilst researching gold spot decals for my daughters room. I am just about to order some and love your recommendation for Urban Walls. Which polka dots are these though? Are they the 'small polka dots' or the 'polka dot pattern'. Urban walls has 2 kinds and I really like the size which you have used in this room.
    Thanks so much!
    Kind Regards,

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    In love!! Have been looking for ideas for my girls room. Where did u get that bedding!!! No doubt it's prob out if stock bc who wouldn't buy it. But is love to browse around. And what's the color of the ceiling??

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    In love!! Planning my daughters room right now and love everything about this room. Where did u get her bedding? I'm sure it is out of stock bc who wouldn't buy this– but is love to browse. Also– what is the paint color on the ceiling?? And the dots. Oh my gosh I want this room. U are so talented!!

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    Hi Courtney! What a great girls room! I'm in the process of converting my little one's nursery into a toddler/big girl room (toddler with a big girl bed)! I love how you've kept is simple, bright, fun, and spacious. What are your daughter's room dimensions? And what are the dimensions of the dresser from Ikea? I'm struggling with finding the right balance of furniture in the room as we have a pretty small space (10×10)! Thanks!!

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