DIY Lined Cabinets

A while back I lined my kitchen cabinets with Waverly Lovely Latice fabric. It was a really easy process that changed the whole look of the room. I have received so many emails asking how I did it so I wanted to show you today. Whether you are lining a bookcase, cabinet, or built-in, you could use the same simple method. IMG_7712IMG_7713 I am sure there are a million ways to do this all over blog land, but I chose to use fuse tape and the glue gun {thanks to my brilliant sister}. After you have selected a fabric: 1. Measure the space. Add one inch to each measurement and cut your fabric. 2. Turn over the fabric an inch on all sides and press with an iron. {And no, I do not iron on my wood floor but did stage the photo on the wood floor since I did not snap a photo the first time around!} IMG_7725 3. Place fuse tape under the fold and press. This will give you a nice finished edge all the way around. IMG_7727 4. Once you have emptied the cabinet and removed the shelves, you can use the glue gun to adhere the panels to the back of your cabinet. The nice thing is that it won’t be permanent so you can change fabric or remove when you need to. IMG_7728   Here is a look at the finished edges against the cabinet. Don’t worry if it does not go exactly to the end. You will never see that once the shelves are back and the cabinets are loaded! IMG_7720 We keep our everyday white dishes in one of the glass cabinets and our drinking glasses in the other. IMG_7722 IMG_7714 I also used this fabric on my bulletin board by our back door. You can see the DIY tutorial here. ……………….. And I am back from my adventures to Austin. Went with a dear college friend of mine and had an absolute blast. Once I recover and get my energy back I will do a recap of the trip! Hope you are all off to a great week so far.


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    Thanks for the great tutorial Courtney! I'm thinking about doing this in our pantry – I actually have that same wrapping paper from the dollar section at Target that you have. Did you use a glue gun on that, too?
    I didn't know you were going to Austin – that's where I'm from! I would have had so many recommendations for you! Hope you had a great time!

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    Looks great! I love that fabric against your white cabinets! I lined my glass cabinets too, but my cutting is always so bad i add a strip of ribbon trim along the edges. It covers my hack job!

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    I love your cabinets lined in the green Waverly fabric. Very crsip and fresh looking! Glad you had a nice weekend. I bet is was fun to get away for a few days and also good to get back home, too, to your family. Did you enjoy Austin?

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    That IS an easy way to do it! I did this in the back of my bookcases by wrapping the fabric around foam board and hot glueing the edges.

    I always chuckle when I see this fabric on your blog…it's the same as our living room/playroom curtains and chair cushions. :) (Until I get my new chevron ones made…eventually. I still love the fabric, though….just want a cohesive look with my studio which is adjacent to that room.)

    Glad you had a nice trip. It's nice to get away every now and then!

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    LOVE this! My everyday dishes look very similar to yours (Pottery Barn?) and I've been planning on painting the wall behind them to make them pop but I never thought to use fabric…. Thank you for the inspiration. New follower and I'm really enjoying your blog!

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