{DIY} Monogrammed Tray for $5.00

Thank you to everyone who took the time to post such a sweet comment yesterday or sent me an email. The support and friendship truly lifts us up. Today I am back to my DIY nuttiness. Fun and interchangeable trays are certainly not a novel idea, but I had to share the ones that I have been making lately. Mongrammed Tray A Thoughtful Place I stumbled upon cute wooden trays in the Target dollar section. Although these puppies are $2.50. Still quite the steal. I scooped up the lime green and black trays. I knew I could use any type of cute patterned scrapbook paper to instantly transform them. Mongrammed Tray A Thoughtful Place I hit up my local home improvement store to purchase a piece of acrylic. For less than $10, I bought one sheet and they kindly cut it into four pieces to fit my trays. These trays are roughly 10 x 8.Cuts are free, by the way. So ultimately, I made four trays for roughly $20. Not bad. I have a supply of scrapbook paper at home so it was just a matter of digging through what I already had. Mongrammed Tray A Thoughtful Place Lastly, I used Microsoft Publisher to create a monogram or initial for each tray. I created a text box to write the letters and then outlined the box with a coordinating color.  You can play around with fonts and colors to get the look you are going for. Once the file prints, just cut around each square and lightly adhere it to the larger piece of paper. When the acrylic is placed on top, it gives the illusion of being one piece of paper. Mongrammed Tray A Thoughtful Place It’s just too much fun playing with the different patterns of paper. This one is for my glasses and watch when I walk in the door. I am known to lose them pretty easily so a tray is perfect for me! Mongrammed Tray A Thoughtful Place My daughter now has a tray next to her bed. She likes to keep a bottle of water there at night. Mongrammed Tray A Thoughtful Place I made this one to keep in my closet for pretty trinkets and jewelry. I have made gifts using lucite trays and think that these wooden trays might make fun gifts as well. I think it would be nice to layer a few monogrammed papers under the acrylic so the recipient can swap out different colors and looks. Sure wouldn’t take much more work to do that. Mongrammed Tray A Thoughtful Place …………………….a tray for guests My in laws are here from Pennsylvania so this one was holding fresh flowers by their bedside. {Notice the floral decals my daughter insisted on putting on the wall! She is all about décor these days!}. Mongrammed Tray A Thoughtful Place Check out other tray ideas here:    Tray Transformations And these talented bloggers & tray projects:   Honey We’re Home on TV     House of Fifty      Two Twenty One enjoy your day Linking up to Home Stories A 2 Z


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    I have wanted the lucite trays for a while—but just can't talk myself into spending $50-$60. Haha. This version however is right up my ally! It would be perfect for my dresser or nightstand. Very cute.

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    I did the same thing a few months ago when I found them. The $ section is my first spot to hit up when I walk in! I used mod podge though instead of acrylic over my scrap book paper. These would make great Christmas gifts too!!!

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    These are gorgeous! I actually picked up one of these trays last week and plan on giving it an overhaul! Love this idea! But, I have to ask, where on Earth do you find those gorgeous papers? They are so pretty!! Thank you!

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    These are beautiful!!! I always avoid the $2.50 items in the dollar bin (still holding a grudge from when they changed it from all $1 items I guess – haha!) but I will have to grab some of these trays!

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    These are wonderful! I'm with Amanda…I wish I lived closer to you, too! I would love to learn some crafts with you along with some of your amazing organization tips. Your daughter sounds adorable and definitely following in your footsteps. So so cute.

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    I can't believe these are only $2.50! I'm definitely going to have to go to target this week to see if there are any near me. I really hope there are! I've been wanting trays for awhile now, but all the ones I see are so expensive. These are so cute. Such a great decorating idea – thanks! :)

    I'm also hosting a giveaway right now, if you want to check it out!


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    I'm with the comment above me….seriously your Target rocks. Wowza…take me shopping there when I come visit?? hehe:) Adore these trays. Simple and quick way to add some color and pattern.

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    What a great, thrifty project! They look fantastic, and I love how customizable they are. We're getting a couple of Target stores in my city next spring (I'm in Canada so we don't currently have one) and I am SO excited to be able to get some of the great stuff that I see other bloggers pick up from Target. I also love that these were only $5 each as opposed to $150+ retail!
    Steph :)

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    Courtney, you know how much I have been wanting to make these. What type of paper did you use to print the monogram? You can email me if it is easier.
    Aunt Mary

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    I adore that the trays are custom and look like the expensive designer ones, but at such an insanely discounted price. Incredible!! <3 Love your scrapbook paper picks too! Enjoy your time with your in laws!

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    I am novice to crafts and just learning the tools and kits used.I didn't understand the part of "Piece of Acrylic" here. Could you please enlighten me.

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