{DIY} Pom Pom Garland

DIY pom pom garlands are nothing new. But making one for under $2 seemed like something I needed to share. My friends are always asking me about things if find in the Target dollar section so I wanted to give up the goods on this one to spread the Valentine love. A bundle of baker’s twine as well as a bag of pom poms are only $1. So I was able to make more than enough garland for a festive Valentine vignette I am working on. It’s slow going over here as I still seem to be knee deep in laundry. A sick four year old also added to my slow moving pace. So I will show you a little bit of the vignette at at time. Here are the details on how to string a pom pom garland.   pom_garland   I only spent $2 for the twine and the pom poms. You will also need a sewing needle as well as a bit of tape.   pom_supplies   The tape is to wrap around the end of the twine before trying to thread it through the needle. I tried {with crazy levels of frustration} to jam the twine into that tiny hole for far too long before I grabbed a piece of tape. After that is was smooth sailing.   pom_needle   So there is nothing to it except for threading the needle through each pom pom. It took all of five minutes. You have probably seen Megan’s cute Christmas garland or this Valentine garland I just spotted from Third Floor Design Studio. pom_hand   What I love is that the possibilities are endless. String one on your child’s headboard, on the mantel, or drape one over a bench. They even look cute when formed into shapes or words. I was thinking it would be cute to mount one on canvas.   IMG_1478IMG_1482   And don’t under estimate the power of cute washi tape. With a cute pattern, you can tape it to anything and it actually looks cute. pom_tape Not bad for $2. I will be back tomorrow with some festive Valentine vases that I have been working on all week. Other Valentine posts can be seen here: IMG_7245IMG_9472 have a sweet day


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    I was excited to find the twine in the $ section too! And I was just as FRUSTRATED trying to thread it!!! I'm afraid I wasn't as smart as you though with the tap, I just went to Michaels and bought a needle with a bigger eye to thread it through. :) There were cute little foam hearts in my $ section so I made 2 heart garlands with the twine. So I <3 this idea too. (Pun intended!) :)

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    So cute!! I love how simple it is, which is exactly what I need right now. By the way, your trip to Utah looked amazing!! I would love to hear more about it – when can we have you and the hubby over??

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