{DIY} Rope Vases

Yesterday I showed you the rope vases that we used for a summer dinner party. I filled them with roses from our yard and they added great texture to the tablescape. The rope trend has been around for a while now and there have been some really inspiring ideas in blogland.  I received so many emails yesterday asking if I used twine and how much glue I used. So I will give just a quick rundown of these easy vases. ropevases supplies I picked up a package of rope for about $8.00 from Home Depot. It has 50’ feet of rope and just so you know, it took almost all of it to do these three bottles. Hope that helps in planning if you tackle a similar project. 2012-08-05 14.07.07 I used three different bottles that I already hand on hand. The photo shows two of the same kind, but I ended up changing my mind and using three different styles. Mine happened to be from a soda, salad dressing, and a glass baby bottle {now I know why I held onto those!}. 2012-08-05 14.07.32 I started at the bottom and put the glue from the hot glue gun directly on the glass. I used glue all the way around for the first three rows. After that, I only used glue every couple of rows {and only an inch long at a time}. Once the rope came to the neck, I was much more liberal with the glue. I used an old knife to cut through the rope when I was close to the end. liberally rope2 We used these for our dinner party, but they are now very much at home on our table with the new table runner. We keep our dishes stacked on the table {along with paper napkins} so the kids can easily help set the table. 2012-08-05 18.36.092012-08-05 18.36.27 Did you see a post that the talented and sweet Emily A. Clark did about decorating with rope? In case you missed it, she did a great round up of other projects that are well worth checking out! So much inspiration. IMG_1122 The simplicity of the rope placed in the vase is calling my name. I was moving on to another rope project when I tragically ran out of hot glue this past weekend. Ahhhhh. Such a bummer. Will be back once I hit up the store for more glue!  What about you? Did you jump on the rope band wagon as well? What have you done with it? Send me a link and I would love to feature it on my Facebook page. Enjoy your day.


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    I started this project too but with twine and realized I was out of glue sticks and I ended up using modge podge, totally worked and no burnt fingers! I'm not sure if it would work with a heavier rope though! Your flowers in your vases are so pretty!

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    These vases are great. I will have to pick up some rope and give it a try. Your table really was stunning Courtney. Love that the kids help set the table! My sister and I loved being included in dinner preparations when we were little.

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    I saw this on Hi Sugarplum! These are so pretty and add so much texture. This is something that maybe I could do with my crafty niece.

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    I love these simple vases. I'm doing a roundup of my favorite rope projects and would love to include your vases. Please let me know if you have any concerns. I will be providing links for all of the projects.

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