{DIY} Valentine Mantel

The only thing we decorate around this time of year is our mantel. I like to give it a little bit of Valentine love. I will also hang a wreath or sweet garland outside on our front porch. This year, I showed you a couple of DIY projects. I made simple mason jars as well as a DIY pom pom garland and used them both on our mantel. I took everything else down from the space and kept it really really simple. I also created a printable in order to vary the height of the items. You can really use items from around the house to create a similar look.



Our family LOVES The Lumineers song, “Ho Hey” so I thought it would be perfect for this Valentine’s Day mantel.  We pretty much turn it up as load as possible when it comes on in the car and rock out. Good times.


And instead of opening my frame and replacing the current artwork, I took the silver and white washi tape used on the mason jar and stuck a little piece on each corner. DONE! Love things that are quick and simple. And temporary.


If you missed my post where I talked about layering the mirrors you can check it out right here.


I like the clean and simple look of this year’s mantel. What about you? Do you doll your place up for Valentine’s Day or skip right past it? I would be curious to know. We will be spending the rest of the week working on some Pinterest inspired valentines. If you follow me over there, than I am sure you have seen them!


To see the DIY projects for this mantel you can click below


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    Your mantle is perfect. Sweet and simple! I strung some pink hearts on twine to make a garland and hung one garland in each of our bay windows in our living room. I always love to have a vase of pink or red tulips. I try to keep it simple…just a touch of love scattered around.

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    Courtney, how did you spray paint on the glass? I tried it (b/c I ADORE your mantle and had to have one just like it!) and it's all streaky. What did I do wrong? Help! :)

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    I totally missed the mason jar post, those are so stinkin' cute!!! Now I have to dress up the ones on my mantel with some little ombre hearts, it's just too cute not to! And I'm going to have to follow the crowd and get me some washi tape…easy and temporary??? Sounds like my kind of gig (c:

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    Ok, I figured it out:) I def need Rustoleum, and not just any spray paint… Oops! Is there any way you could post your printable? It's adorable and completes the mantel!

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