Easter Celebration Wrap-Up

What a fantastic Easter weekend. Raise your hand if you’re tired!? I am wiped out but in a really nice way. First, we enjoyed church and a beautiful breakfast at my parent’s house. Then it was back to our house to let the kids run around while we got ready to host dinner and an egg hunt.  At the end of the night when we climbed into bed to say our prayers, my son said, “Easter is the best day ever. It’s too much fun.” Here is a peek at our table. The linens and blue flowers are from HomeGoods. The chalkboard chargers were a DIY project I did here. IMG_8490 IMG_8494 IMG_8481 IMG_8473 IMG_8483 IMG_8492 IMG_8500 IMG_8508 IMG_8513 IMG_8489 These little nests were a take off from my copy of the PInterest spring art you can see here. I cut circles of green gingham paper and then glue gunned burlap in a circular pattern to form nests. The three little jelly beans are just resting on top for guests to eat. IMG_8477 IMG_8511 Try as we did, we just couldn’t get an normal shot of the kiddos {well, I guess this is normal!}. Either my daughter was doing the “strangle hug” as we like to call it, or they felt the need to wiggle into strange poses. Obviously excited for the day and at least the shots capture that! IMG_8443 IMG_8445 IMG_8454 Later, it was outdoor fun and a mad dash for the egg hunt. All in all, we were so blessed to have gorgeous weather and to celebrate a special day with our family. We were even treated to a show put on by the youngest of the cousins {do you all remember the days of putting on shows for our parents?}. IMG_8545 IMG_8539   Happy Monday to you all. We are easing into Spring Break as we lounge in our pajamas and let the kiddos enjoy some goodies and activities left by the Easter Bunny.


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    What a fun Easter, your table looks stunning! I love the chalkboard chargers, such an adorable idea! I have cloth napkins in the same pattern as your runner that I picked up at HomeGoods last Easter and I absolutely love them, so perfect for spring! And also, those burlap birds nests are darling! Love it all! :)

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    Beautiful table setting Courtney! I love, love, the chalkboard chargers! Your kids are too adorable. So glad you had a wonderful Easter!

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    Oh my gosh. Stop it- the kiddos are so cute. I always had my doll with me when I was that age, and my grandma would sew us (the doll and me!) matching outfits…ha! Your table setting is beautiful :)

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    I agree with Darling Nikki – the kiddos stole the "blog", but Grandma is just a little biased. Thanks so much for sharing the adorable Easter pics!

    Grandma Sue

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    I couldn't agree more on the Easter thing, totally fun, but tiring! I'm pretty sure my son has told us that the last 4 or 5 special occasion days were "the best day *EVER*" (c: I'm so glad they are easy to please! The table was absolutely darling, but not as cute as your two little guys there, just precious (c:

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    It is all just precious, Courtney, including your children. You will treasure these photos much more than the very staged ones!

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    Your kids are adorable, your table setting stunning, and the chargers are to die for gorgeous! Will be copying this idea, thanks for the inspiration. Glad you had a great Easter.

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    One of the prettiest table settings I have seen today. I am always so inspired by what you come up with. I wish we could be neighbors, I think I could learn a lot from you! :)


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    Absolutely beautiful!! The kids, the table, everything. :) And I am raising my hand high to the question of "Who's tired???" I was so wiped out physically and emotionally that I spent all yesterday (Monday) in my sweats and didn't get a single thing done. And then went to bed at 7:30!! But it was a happy kind of tired. How nice that Easter is the start of your spring break. For us, Easter ended spring break. Which wasn't bad really…a great ending to a fun week. But it sure was hard to get up at 6:30 AM after the big Easter weekend and try to drag ourselves back into the land of school, work and daily routines!

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    Those nests are a definite "remember" for next year. The flowers in the garden are gorgeous and the kiddos are adorable as always. So glad you had a great day Courtney. I can see why you are tired 😉

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