Friday Eye Candy: Beautiful Ideas

This week I was struck by some ideas I had not seen before. Some are old, some are new . . .but all really struck me as either ridiculously intelligent or extremely heart warming. First up is the jar of memories and funny things kids say created by Inchmark. I had not seen this before and just love it. I try to keep a journal of all of the cute stories and funny things my children say, but goodness knows I don’t open it often enough. This idea could not be cuter. The idea is to keep a jar close by. Anytime the kids say something funny or you want to document a great story, simply write it down on a scrap of paper and toss it in the jar. It was also mentioned that you could read these on New Year’s Day or even grab one to read when you are having a down day. I think I am in love with this idea. magical thinking from inchmark Nothing but Bonfires created a gift of a lifetime for her father. When he turned 60, she sent out an email to all of his friends and family members asking for them to share a memory of her father. The letters poured in and she assembled them and labeled them 1-60. What a treasure. Pinned Image via nothing but bonfires Next up are two organizational ideas that are not only beautiful but so so smart. I just love the oversized chalkboard and the chores listed. Even though it’s so useful, it is remarkably pretty. Pinned Image via   You may have seen my post about Pile Blindness. I am convinced that I alone see the piles that accumulate throughout the house. I have had one basket on the stairs, but how cute to have one for each of the children. So much easier to drop the stray items in their personalized basket and have them take it up each evening. Pinned Image via I hope you have found some inspiration in these ideas today. I just had to share. happy friday to  you all.


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    i'm currently frazzled by the piles of mail i put on the stairs for my adult siblings and father, only to have them walk past it each day. i'm going to try these baskets.

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    I've seen the letter one – I love that.

    The jar of memories is such a good idea. I always think there's no way I'll forget something that was said that was so funny, but of course I always do. I really should do this.

    The labeled basket idea is genius. I'm all over it!

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    These are all wonderl and sweet ideas! My hubby did the letter one last year for me when I celebrated a "big" birthday. I was so touched. Have a wonderful weekend, Courtney.

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    those are great! 60 years of memories would be my favorite birthday present when I get to be that age. and I LOVE the tote/chalkboard organizational idea!!! I'm going to do that when I have kids :))

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    Do you ever just look at these ideas and go "now why didn't *I* think of that???" So brilliant, yet so simple!!! I have to start that memories jar…that would be a treasure forever (not to mention absolutely hilarious!)…and the baskets on the stairs actually made me tear up with joy, an idea to make them do it themselves! I'M SO HAPPY! (c:

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    Love the basket idea but in my house, they may go upstairs but the would never be emptied! But love the ideas. If only real life was as up to it!

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