Friday Eye Candy: Fall Fantasies

Happy Friday, y’all! I wish I could say that we are enjoying the cool fall temps here in Southern California, but alas I am still wearing shorts and the kiddos are melting walking to and from school. Having said that, we are not complaining, just keeping it real. Fall has not necessarily arrived. So what is a girl to do? Conjure up a few fall fantasies in my head. And luckily, we have Pinterest to help us along with that. I recently caved and joined the Pinterest family. You can find me here. I have all of two followers and maybe ten pins. But I promise I will pick up the pace. All in good time. So here is what I am fantasizing about on this warm September day: ! via pinterest Love the boots with the dress and tights.   via So cute for early fall. Great way to transition summer to fall clothing. via via I think it’s obvious I like scarves. I just realized that everything I pin has one. Oh, boy. Might be a while before I can bust them out, but I am looking forward to it. In love with these pumpkins. via And these pumpkins from lolly jane could not be any cuter. Need these babies. I smell a fall pumpkin project! …………………. and don’t forget you can find me on pinterest now {although I am not so sure you want to just yet!} h a p p y   w e e k e n d.  


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    i wish i can pull off that first look! too cute!

    i here you, im still wearing flipflops today – just fantasizing about fall when im sipping my salted caramel latte!

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    I wish I had guts to wear those tights with shorts too! Haha but loving that burgundy for pretty! Thanks for the eye candy!

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    squee!!! love that i can follow you on pinterest now. and you forgot tailgating attire for your fall wardrobe. all in due time, i guess. here's hoping that oversized flannels and hiking books make their way back around. xo

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    Following you as well. When you get a chance visit Michael Wurm, Jr. {}- he is from my home town and has nearly 3 million followers! You will love his craft ideas!


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    Hi Courtney! I love the pumpkins, too, and I follow that darling blog Lolly Jane. I am currently making some burlap and velvet pumpkins…..can't wait till they are finished! It feels like fall this weekend here in Ohio and I love it!

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    Just followed you :) And I'm totally okay with the sunshine staying a bit longer. After so many freezing cold falls and winters (and springs!) in Seattle, I'm excited for the extended warmth I'm feeling here. Only 1.5 more weeks till I'm down there with ya :) xo

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    I think I'm the last person to join pinterest! How do I do this?? Can I follow you, or is that weird 😉 Can you send me an "invitation" my friend? I'd like to see what all the fuss is about!! xoxoox

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